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Richard Clarkson disguises Bluetooth speaker as levitating indoor cloud

Designer Richard Clarkson has created a small, remote-controlled cloud for the home that plays music and flashes while hovering a few centimetres from the ground.

The Making Weather project is a collaboration between Clarkson and Crealev – a company that specialises in creating levitating products.

Making Weather a levitating cloud project

Made from clumps of white polyester fibres, the cloud and its base are embedded with magnetic components that allow it to float a few centimetres off the ground.

According to the designer, the cloud has "full rotational movement" and bobs slightly up and down to create a "realistic atmospheric experience".

"The shape of the cloud is designed to represent a cumulus hovering on the horizon, though we also drew inspiration from more generic cloud-computing icons," Clarkson told Dezeen.

"Each cloud is hand fluffed so each one is unique – just like a cloud should be," he added.

Making Weather a levitating cloud project

While the base itself must remain plugged in, a rechargeable battery powers the cloud – which also features an built-in Bluetooth speaker and sound-reactive LED lights.

Although the design is currently a prototype, the designer hopes it will soon become commercially available.

Making Weather a levitating cloud project

Clarkson, who initially designed the cloud to hang from the ceiling, often creates conceptual versions of regular products.

Previously, the New Zealand designer created a conceptual smartphone that combines a digital touch-screen on the front with interchangeable mechanical dials on the back.