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Photograph of Donald Trump is by Gage Skidmore

"Forget infrastructure. How Trump would solve an algebra problem is unclear"

Donald Trump's lack of infrastructure plans for America is debated in this week's comments update, as readers react to the surprise result of the US presidential election.

President-regret: readers have been divided by the result, with some voicing serious concerns over president-elect Donald Trump. "Forget infrastructure. How Trump would solve an algebra problem is unclear," said James.

"You know what is unclear? How the self-righteous urban left will reconfigure after the American people have kicked them and their identity politics," wrote Derek_V.

"The white suburbs are a desolate and uninspiring landscape of negativity," fired back Scott Smith. "You are not irrelevant in general society but design-wise, you most definitely are."

"What was Obama's plan or Hillary's plan other than verbal rhetoric? The roads and bridges need work? Fix them," argued Trent in defence of Trump.

American Institute of Architects director Thierry Paret wrote an open letter in this thread, stating that the body will accept the results of the election:

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News: AIA to work with Trump

Dump Trump: readers are questioning the AIA's decision to work with US president-elect Donald Trump, attracting criticism for its impartial position.

"Maybe we shouldn't be pledging our unquestioning, uncritical support to a president-elect who has repeatedly made claims of building the wall," wrote Aaron.

"We architects are always in line with our palms up looking for more money, trying to remain neutral about what we're designing and who we're working for" said regular commenter Chad Sutter. "Personally, I think the AIA needs to make a stand for everyone in this country, to support the poor, our minorities, immigrants."

But not everyone disagreed with the AIA's decision:

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Hang in there: this tiny aluminium-clad cabin by OFIS Arhitekti almost gave readers vertigo because of the way it precariously cantilevers over the edge of a mountain.

"Does it really provide shelter? Would climbers feel safer entering that thing in extreme weather conditions?" asked a user called Axelbadde. "This is just extreme-engineering-architecture porn."

"Beautiful, but it does not create a sense of ease," said TFO.

One commenter was even less convinced by the cabin's safety credentials:

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Corrugated Ruler by Erdem Selek

Overruled: this ridged ruler created by Turkish designer Erdem Selek is made to help "distracting" offices become places of concentration. But does the minimal design distract from its purpose?

"So focused on form over function they've removed the very nature of what we use rulers for," wrote Kei. "I need those numbers!" Miles Teg agreed.

"Gorgeous. Pawson should be all over this," said TFO, in appreciation of the ruler's pared-back aesthetic.

One commenter wants to see the design extended to an entire stationery set:

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