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Corrugated Ruler by Erdem Selek

Erdem Selek's Corrugated Ruler "soothes eyes" when not in use

This ridged ruler created by Turkish designer Erdem Selek is made to help "distracting" offices become places of concentration.

Its corrugated surface lacks the usual lines and numbers of conventional stationery, instead featuring smooth concave or convex ripples – which double as centimetre-long measures.

Corrugated Ruler by Erdem Selek

Its appearance is designed to help it blend into the background until needed.

"When not in use, the set of rules appears more of an element that soothes eyes rather than being a functional object," said Selek. "When it comes to drawing and measuring, its patterns become guidelines for the pen."

Corrugated Ruler by Erdem Selek

The ruler comes as a set of four, made in Corian in two different sizes that are designed to visually contrast and balance one another when placed on office desks. Smaller versions are grey, while longer rulers are white.

"In an environment where objects compete with each other visually, Corrugated Ruler explores ways to turn our work environments into more harmonious and visually silent spaces," said the designer.

Corrugated Ruler by Erdem Selek

Corrugated Ruler was one of 18 finalists in the Belgian Biennale Interieur competition's Objects category and was on display as part of the festival.

"There are many beautiful stationery items on the market," Selek told Dezeen. "I wanted to design something that you would keep on your desk, even when not using it."

Corrugated Ruler by Erdem Selek

"These days, more and more people work from home and I think most of the items that surround us are too technical and don't fit our workspaces at home."

Several furniture brands have turned to the world of stationery, including Normann Copenhagen, which launched a range of 200 small objects, including scissors, sharpeners and pens.

Corrugated Ruler by Erdem Selek

Fellow Danish brand Hay also offers a vast range of accessories and stationery, like a set of colourful matchboxes and a minimal toothbrush

Tom Dixon's range of metal home and office accessories features copper stationery and containers with magnifying-glass lids.