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Acne store

Acne's Madison Avenue store furnished by Max Lamb

British designer Max Lamb has created sculptural furniture and colourful rugs for Acne's new store in New York City – the brand's largest opening yet.

Located on Madison Avenue in Manhattan's Upper East Side, the new Acne store is the Swedish fashion brand's global flagship.

Acne store

Its interiors, designed by Lamb in collaboration with Acne's creative director Jonny Johansson, feature gold as the signature colour.

Metal interior walls contrast with a black asphalt floor, while structural pillars are decorated with colourful, semi-precious stones.

Acne store

"For me, it was important to elevate the store design into something spectacular, since the location demands it in a way," said Johansson. "Therefore, I went for gold."

"Classic, but still in the universe of Acne Studios. It's like a local store on a global stage."

To furnish the space, Lamb created a series of bronze furniture pieces, including a desk, benches and stools.

Acne store

Contrasting blue-toned rugs bring colour to the store. Each was hand-dyed in Lamb's London studio before being finished and tufted at Swedish carpet producer Kasthall.

The ceiling of the store is completely illuminated to create a soft, consistent light throughout the store.

Acne store

The public and private spaces are divided by a gold-coloured aluminium partition. Clothing is hung on similar-coloured rails, and smaller items such as bags and jewellery are enclosed within glass-topped tables.

The golden tones used throughout the shop give it a slightly warmer feel than the brand's Seoul flagship, which was designed by architect Sophie Hicks as a "concrete monster" concealed within translucent walls.

The story about Hicks' design was the only thing published about the Swedish fashion house last year, but it was popular enough to earn it a place in our Hot List.

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Acne store