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Free comp: Constructivist map

Competition: win a copy of the Constructivist Moscow Map

Dezeen is giving five readers the opportunity to win a copy of a map detailing constructivist architecture in Moscow.

Congratulations to the winners! Jeff Level from the USA, Daniel Caud from France, Elizabeth Donovan from Denmark, Helen Ellis from the UK and Marina Veneti from Italy.

The double-sided Constructivist Moscow Map features over 50 examples of constructivist architecture, including the works of Konstantin Melnikov, Moisei Ginzburg and Vladimir Shukhov.

Free comp: Constructivist map

It was produced by Blue Crow Media in collaboration with Natalia Melikova of The Constructivist Project and Nikolai Vassiliev of DOCOMOMO Russia. The map includes text in both Russian and English along with photographs of Moscow's constructivist architecture.

It is the third architecture map by Blue Crow Media after the Brutalist London Map and the Art Deco London Map. It can be purchased online for £8.

Free comp: Constructivist map
Gosplan Garage. Photograph by Natalia Melikova.

The Constructivist Project aims to bring attention to the potential threats to cultural heritage and to encourage the preservation of avant-garde monuments.

"The Russian avant-garde was one of the most intense and creative art and architecture movements of the 20th century," said the map's editors.

Free comp: Constructivist map
Melnikov house. Photograph by Natalia Melikova.

"The Constructivist Moscow Map is designed to celebrate the value of these buildings and to inspire further consideration of Moscow's avant-garde architecture today."

Free comp: Constructivist map
Rusakov Club. Photograph by Natalia Melikova.

This competition is now closed. Winners will be selected at random and notified by email, and their names will be published at the top of this page.