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Competition: five guides to London's Art Deco architecture to be won

Competition: Dezeen has teamed up with independent publisher Blue Crow Media to offer five readers the chance to win an Art Deco London map.

Congratulations to the winners! Stuart Dunlop from Wales, Sofia Ioannidi from Greece, Ingrid Schreiber-France from Australia, Tamarisk Saunders-Davies from Canada and Peter Bisgaard from Denmark.

The double-sided foldout map features over 70 examples of Art Deco architecture in London, such as Eltham Palace, Senate House, the Daily Express Building and the OXO Tower. Details for each building include location, date, architect and protected status.

Art Deco London map
The double-sided foldout map features over 70 examples of Art Deco architecture in London

The Art Deco London Map is designed and printed in the UK in a combination of black and silver ink. It can be used as a guidebook or a wall poster, and follows on from the publisher's Brutalist London Map.

Art Deco is a decorative art and architecture style that emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, characterised by strong, symmetrical geometric shapes and modern materials from the time, like chrome plating, aluminium and bakelite plastic. It initially appeared before the first world war, but was popularised following the 1925 International Exposition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris, later spreading to the rest of Europe and the USA.

Art Deco London map
Art Deco is a decorative art and architecture style characterised by strong colours, as seen in the facade of the Hoover Building. Photograph by Simon Phipps

The style grew during a period of rapid industrialisation, making it a popular choice for London's tube stations, cinemas, theatres, factories and corporate headquarters.

The architecture highlighted on the map reflects the era's fascination with industry and technology, featuring streamlined forms that reference aviation, skyscrapers and radio sets.

Art Deco London map
Eltham Palace – which is renowed for its Art Deco interior – is one of the buildings included in the guide. Photograph by Simon Phipps

The guide features an introduction to Art Deco written by Henrietta Billings – director of conservation group Save – and original photos by Simon Phipps, who both also collaborated with Blue Crow Media on the Brutalist London Map.

"What we now celebrate as Art Deco is eclectic and truly international — Cuban and Constructivist influences can be seen, as well as references to ancient archaeology, such as the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt in 1922," said Billings.

Art Deco London map
The Senate House of the University of London is also featured. Photograph by Simon Phipps

Five winners will receive one of the Art Deco London guides, which are available to purchase from Blue Crow Media's website and independent bookshops across London for £8.

The publishers will also release a Constructivist Moscow Map later this year, as well as a Brutalist Washington DC Map in November 2016.

Blue Crow Media is an independent city guide publisher founded by Derek Lamberton. It also publishes a series of award-winning food and drink maps and apps for London, New York and Berlin.

Competition is now closed. Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email, and their name will be published at the top of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.