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Zaha Hadid-designed Brit Awards trophies unveiled

These trophies designed by the late Zaha Hadid to "represent diversity" will be awarded to musicians at next year's Brit Awards.

Created by Hadid before her death earlier this year, the statuettes are a curved adaptation of Britannia – the female personification of Britain.

Zaha Hadid designs Brit Awards trophy

The concept sketch for the trophies was unveiled in October, and the completed versions will be handed out at the Brit Awards ceremony on 22 February 2017.

The late architect's initial design was realised by Maha Kutay, director at Zaha Hadid Design. Along with a team from the design studio, she produced a family of five statues, a concept she believes "represents diversity" by being "different yet connected".

Zaha Hadid designs Brit Awards trophy

"Our design expresses Zaha's unwavering belief in progress and optimism for the future and a break from the norm," said Kutay. "The biggest challenge was to create something different within certain guidelines, yet achieving a result recognisable to the public."

"You have to respect the existing to create something new."

The late architect follows in the footsteps of a number of famous artists and designers tasked with making over the music awards' statuette, including British artists Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst.

Zaha Hadid designs Brit Awards trophy

In February, Hadid discussed her love for a variety of music genres on BBC 2's Desert Island Discs programme – citing artists Drake, Bryan Ferry, The Beatles, Sam Smith and Adele as being among her favourites.

The architect – whose studio is currently making headlines with controversial comments made by her successor Patrik Schumacher – previously collaborated with American rapper and producer Pharrell Williams to create a pair of trainers.

At the time, he described himself as a "huge fan of Zaha's" and said she was "one of the most talented architects of our time".

Photography is by Luke Hayes.