"Herzog & de Meuron is easily the most influential practice of the last 20 years"

Readers are debating how Herzog & de Meuron's revamp of Chelsea FC's London stadium holds up to previous stadiums by the Swiss firm in this week's comments update.

Score: commenters have given their two cents on Herzog & de Meuron's approved revamp for Chelsea FC's London stadium, which will encase the existing structure behind 264 sculptural brick pillars.

"It has great reference to traditional building materials and classical structures like the Colosseum," said Vicki.

"I like this a lot, although Bordeaux is still their best," said a user called Guest, referring to the structure created for the 2016 Euro championship. "Spurs fans must be crying into their pillows that they got Populous."

"Bordeaux is great, but I prefer the Birds Nest for its audacity and sheer formal power," wrote Steve, who also expressed his admiration for the Swiss firm's whole body of work:

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Friar attire: Dutch clothing brand ByBorre has designed an updated unisex version of the traditional friar's habit – and some readers are coveting the look.

"10/10, would kneel in these," wrote Felix. "To me the garments look just like the prêt-à-porter collection of a fashion-forward menswear designer," said H-J.

But one friar is praying he won't have to wear the designs. "I am a Dominican priest and this has nothing to do with our order. Our beautiful habit, which is our brand, sets us apart intentionally and is jealously guarded," wrote Fr. Michael.

This prompted another user to respond with "Glad to hear it, Father. This new line is hideously ugly."

One reader wasn't impressed by the unholy price tag:

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No way OMA: Rem Koolhaas' firm has been granted planning permission for a new £110 million cultural centre in Manchester, but its design failed to inspire readers.

"I feel like this jumps the shark," wrote Yethica, referring to the building's unusual form, which features a multi-faceted white protrusion.

"What a postmodern eyesore," said regular commenter JMFM.

"OMA is like that 55-year-old still trying to be a hipster," said Tent.

This comment by one reader summed up the mood:

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Zaha's deed: readers are debating how Zaha Hadid's £70 million fortune will be spent, after the late architect's will revealed details of her multi-million-pound estate.

"The best part is that the money will eventually go to foundation. RIP Zaha," wrote regular commenter Kay.

"I'd say a lot of it should have gone to her employees while she was alive," replied a user called Citywide.

"The best part would have been if that money would have gone towards building social housing in the centre of London," said H-J.

One user agreed, but expressed concerns about Zaha's predecessor:

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