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IMM: The Mad Office
Julien Renault's Power table

Monochrome office furniture destined for co-working goes on display at IMM Cologne

Alain Berteau's hybrid bed-bench and Alain Gilles' easy-to-assemble chair are among the Belgian designs featured in an installation of monochrome office furniture at this year's IMM Cologne.

IMM: The Mad Office
Alain Gilles' plywood Buzzifloat chair is among the products chosen to furnish MAD's Brussels co-working space

The MAD office installation features the 11 designers selected by fashion and design centre MAD Brussels to furnish its co-working space, which is set to open in Brussels later this year.

IMM: The Mad Office
Alain Berteau's Keypad sofa also features, because it can fold down and become a bed for napping

The working space of MAD Brussels will be all white — a blank cube that highlights the current Belgian design – and all the chosen furniture will be black, grey and white. It is also all sourced from Brussels-based designers.

IMM: The Mad Office
All the furniture items are monochrome, like Benoît Deneufbourg's black Paddle chair

Alongside Berteau and Gilles, other featured designers include Benoît Deneufbourg, Beaverhausen, Coralie Miessen, Hors Piste, Jean-François D'or, Julien Renault, Nathalie Dewez, PJ Mares and Sylvain Willenz.

Jean-François D'Or's June table features a long top with a shelf below for slotting in his July trays

Products include Berteau's Keypad seating system, which turns a bench into a daybed for napping, an armchair or a sofa.

It is accompanied by the Keyboard desk – a flat-packed "soft-desking" system upholstered in noise-absorbing material.

IMM: The Mad Office
PJm Mares' Sanba side table is described as a mix between Scandinavian logic and Italian sexiness

Gilles' plywood Buzzifloat chair intends to use the minimum amount of material for maximum comfort. It slots together easily like a foam-board mock-up, with a flexible back support for extra comfort.

Bold architectural shapes informed Beaverhausen's lacquered metal Elements bookends, which are shown in a papyrus white. Other desk accessories by the studio include a letter holder for storing napkins, papers and business cards.

IMM: The Mad Office
Another table is the textured metal Hors Serié by Hors Pistes

Aluminium side tables by Hors Piste are also included. Made using a hand-casting process, each piece in the collection, named Hors Série, features different sand-printed markings.

IMM: The Mad Office
Nathalie Dewez provides pendant lighting with ellipse-shaped shades

Three products by D'Or feature in the display, including a black aluminium tray that can also be used as a placemat. D'Or's June table features a long top and storage space beneath, where a collection of the designer's stackable wooden July trays slot inside.

IMM: The Mad Office
Coralie Miessen's tiling for floors and walls is made from discarded felt

The Sanba table by PJ Mares, which designer Tom Mares described as showing "the logic of the Scandinavians and the sexiness of the Italians", is also included in the installation.

Alongside it are Renault's round and rectangular marble side tables, which can be used in different combinations. It features technology to charge any electronic device.

Accessories, like Beaverhausen's Elements bookends, are also included in the installation

Rounding out the installation are Miessen's modular floor tiles made of felt waste from industrial production, Deneufbourg's handmade solid ash Paddle Chair, Dewez' Elipse pendant light and Willenz's Radar chair.

Sylvain Willenz' Radar chair will also feature in MAD's co-working space

"MAD's mission is to promote young entrepreneurs, to encourage new initiatives and to support all passionates of fashion and design in order to strengthen their development and growth in these fields, inside and outside of Brussels," said the MAD Office.

Furniture fair IMM Cologne takes place from 16 to 22 January 2017. Products launching at the fair include a collection of tables designed by architect Hans Bøllingcustomisable glass shelving by Werner Aisslinger and stools by Fabio Hendry and Martijn Rigters featuring patterns made from burnt hair.

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IMM: The Mad Office
Jean-François D’Or's Alexandre Tray
IMM: The Mad Office
Hors Pistes's Hors Serié
IMM: The Mad Office
Jean-François D’Or's Audrey handle & hook
IMM: The Mad Office
Alain Gilles's Buzzifloat chair
IMM: The Mad Office
Alain Berteau's Keypad sofa
IMM: The Mad Office
Beaverhausen's Elements bookends
IMM: The Mad Office
Benoît Deneufbourg's Paddle chair