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Good Thing 2017 collection

Good Thing launches seven everyday tools for the home

A dustpan and a tray with crinkled corners, and a torch charged via USB feature in latest home accessories collection from Brooklyn design brand Good Thing.

The seven new products are all simple designs that adhere to a colour palette of black, white, light pink and teal green, along with natural finishes.

Frank Tray by Christopher Specce for Good Thing
Frank Trays by Christopher Specce

"Each new release is a specific and sophisticated tool for everyday life," said the brand.

The expansion of its product line involved adding a range of production techniques to its repertoire – from glass blowing to computer-guided milling.

Richman Dustpan by Christopher Specce for Good Thing
Richman Dustpans by Christopher Specce

"This level of variety gives our designers the tools they need to come up with intelligent, unique and material specific solutions," Good Thing said.

The products include the Gully Incense Holder by British designer Phil Procter – a metal tray shaped using computer-guided machining that holds incense sticks at an angle.

Gully Incense Holder by Phil Procter for Good Thing
Gully Incense Holder by Phil Procter

Taiwanese designer Kenyon Yeh has developed a series of shelves and hooks.

Both are named Seed, and similarly employ a folded section to fasten to a vertical surface.

Signal Flashlight by Sylvain Willenz for Good Thing
Signal Flashlight by Sylvain Willenz

The Signal Flashlight by Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz comprises faceted milled-aluminium cylinders that house an ultra-bright LED and a USB-rechargeable battery.

Twin Carafe by Studio Gorm for Good Thing
Twin Carafes by Studio Gorm

A coffee and tea brewer is made up of a double-walled borosilicate glass carafe, designed to keep beverages warm but hands cool, and a silicone lid for straining.

Twin Carafe was created by Studio Gorm, based in Oregon.

Seed Hooks by Kenyon Yeh for Good Thing
Seed Hooks by Kenyon Yeh

The collection also includes two pieces by Providence-based Christopher Specce, whose Frank Tray and a Richman Dustpan that are both decorated with crinkled curved corners.

Good Thing was founded in 2014 by Canadian designer Jamie Wolfond, whose own products include a minimal glass smoking pipe.

Seed Shelves by Kenyon Yeh for Good Thing
Seed Shelves by Kenyon Yeh

The brand will present its new range at the NY Now trade fair, taking place at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan from 5 to 8 February 2017.

Photography is by Charlie Schuck. Styling is by Natasha Felker.