The 2017 AIA National Convention is due to take place in at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida

"Donald Trump's cabinet has better gender representation than the AIA"

Sexism in the architecture profession leads this week's comments update, following outrage at the AIA's lack of female speakers at the upcoming Orlando conference and research showing widening pay disparity between men and women.

Females MIA at AIA: readers have been responding to protests from US architects at the lack of gender diversity at the American Institute of Architects' upcoming annual conference in Orlando.

"One in seven keynotes are women? Donald Trump's cabinet has better gender representation," wrote Steven.

But some commenters rejected the idea that the line-up is sexist. "Shouldn't the focus be on what is being said in the keynote?" wrote regular commenter H-J. "I personally don't give a damn if an inspiring talk is given by a male or female speaker."

One reader pointed out that the AIA has added several female speakers since the story was published.

"I sure hope they have a black, a Latino, and an Asian keynote speaker. Or I'm not going!" said Dwellsokc. But Aaron had a stinging comeback:

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Where's my money: the debate was carried over to a story on the 2016 Women in Architecture survey, which found that men are paid more than women across the board and pay disparity is increasing.

"Unequal outcome is not evidence of unequal opportunity," argued a user called Lollipops.

"If the gender pay gap was real, why would any men be employed? The evil capitalists would hire only women," was Steam Town's tongue-in-cheek remark.

But some readers agreed with the results based on their own experiences.

"I can personally affirm that the results are valid in my own experience as a woman in the architectural field," wrote Dezignstarz. "Time and time again I see men fast tracked over women, and can't believe this discrimination is still rampant today."

One reader claimed that neither side was going to agree:

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Archi-texit: Brexit is back on the agenda after research from the RIBA showed that over a third of UK-based architects from EU countries are thinking about leaving the country.

"The UK has more than enough talented, bright and hardworking British folks that do fabulous work and that need to be remunerated well," wrote Spadestick.

"If the foreign investments also all leave and stop coming in, who and what is going to provide enough jobs for the British?" countered a user called Torototoro.

A guest user asked what the RIBA can do to help:

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Landslide of praise: readers are admiring the simple design of this holiday home on the West Dorset coast, which AR Design Studio designed to replace a house destroyed in a landslide.

"This is a beautifully crafted piece of architecture," wrote PTIKKY. "It is going to age amazingly well due to the nature of the cladding."

"I thought there was some kind of moral prohibition concerning open toilets," wrote Leo. "That said, beautiful house. I want a pallet table like that."

But you can't please everyone: