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Le Sifflu by Smarin

Smarin's Le Sifflu "peace-pipe" uses essential oils instead of tobacco

French furniture brand Smarin has designed a twig-shaped vape alternative that it hopes will encourage better breathing habits in its users.

Instead of tobacco, a drop of essential oil is placed in Le Sifflu's twig-like brass pipe. The user then blows into the tube's silicon mouthpiece to distribute the scent.

Le Sifflu by Smarin

To help users develop a regular breathing rhythm, the Le Sifflu pipe vibrates and makes noise as the air passes through it.

It also comes with a manual, which sets out to re-educate users on more beneficial ways of breathing to help to reduce tension and stress, as well as improving posture.

Le Sifflu by Smarin

"The human being smokes and chews to respect tradition, and also in a social or cultural manner," said the company, which designed the device as an alternative to "potentially toxic" e-cigarettes.

"The Sifflu is an interior peace pipe. A simple and elegant object allowing ourselves to practice five minutes of daily breathing exercise," they added. "It enables us to increase our respiratory capacities, to work the muscles of the mouth, the abdomen and the diaphragm.

Le Sifflu by Smarin

This isn't the first time the French brand has created products with users' wellbeing in mind. In 2016 it installed a nap bar in Dubai, which featured soft, pebble-like seats that encouraged passersby to stop and recharge.

Other designers have also set out to make more attractive accessories for smoking, with Jamie Wolfond designing a minimal glass pipe, and Seattle startup Printabowl creating sculptural marijuana bongs that are intended to be shown, rather than hidden away.