"Captures my attention and imagination in a way I can't quite explain"

A conceptual New York skyscraper, imagined as "the longest building in the world", had some readers exercising their imagination in this week's comments update.

Loopy: The Big Bend was designed by New York studio Oiio to sit on "Billionaire's Row" next to Central Park, and features a thin, looping design in a bid to overcome New York's zoning laws.

"This proposal, regardless of the fact that it's more artistic statement/criticism than a serious proposition, captures my attention and imagination in a way I can't quite explain" enthused Jon.

The concept left Miles Teg in a jolly mood: "That last rendering with the old man is so good, made me smile. I love a design with a good sense of humour."

Camden Greenlee, however, expressed fear that the "super-slender" tower might actually become reality:  "I initially thought this was satire. After reading the article, I'm worried it's not."

Mallord was more worried about extreme alternative uses for the tower:

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Human, what the hair are we doing? by Krisztina Czika

Hair removal: Krisztina Czika's mugs made from human hair and leg wax left a bad taste in the mouth of readers.

"Congrats, I just threw up in my mouth," wrote a disgusted H-J.

Geofbob defended thinking behind the unusual homeware. "Possibly, more Abject Art than design. Of course, if we knew what went into everything..."

"Waiter! There's hair in the mug!" joked logorithm.

One reader seemed to say what everyone was thinking:

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Pretty picture: Yves Béhar's new Samsung television, designed to look like a framed work of art, failed to impress readers, who felt they had seen it all before.

"Imagine. A flat screen TV that does what, I think, all flat screens can do and it was 'invented' by Yves B!" exclaimed Ron, somewhat sarcastically.

The design brought out the inner conspiracy theorist in Adam. "Nice! Does it come with CIA in the box?"

One aspect of the TV did impress Nate. "It's most successful feature is a lack of logo."

Another reader made it clear he prefers a previous Samsung offering:

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Portrait of president Donald Trump
Photograph by Gary Skidmore

Billion dollar baby: US president Donald Trump pledged a $2 billion downpayment on his promised Mexico border wall, and ignited a discussion over building costs among readers.

"Walls are so medieval. At least come up with a smarter and less costly solution," stated Dieter, clearly unimpressed with Trump's lack of originality.

Dunkie dribble seemed to have the answer. "Might be cheaper to dig a hole."

"Wonder who will be the first firm to turn down the offer to design it?" quipped Delbert Grady.

One commenter pointed out it was common sense for things to remain the same:

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