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Fakro skylights

Fakro launches skylights designed especially for flat roofs

Dezeen promotion: window manufacturer Fakro has launched a range of skylights suited to flat roofs, including one that shuts automatically when it begins to rain. 

Fakro created the skylights to offer an energy saving, well-secured solution for bringing ample natural light into homes with flat roofs.

Three varieties of the windows are available in order to accommodate different spaces and their uses.

One is a stationery design that can't be opened, while the second can be opened with a rod. The third option is electronically controlled. It features a sensor that automatically shuts the window when it rains.

Fakro skylights

The window sashes and frames of the Type F and Type C windows are designed to allow for 16 per cent more glazing than competitive products.

The Type F windows can also be produced in any dimension, from 60 by 60 centimetres to 120 by 220 centimetres, to allow customers to replace old, ineffective skylights.

In order to make the most out of space on flat roofs, the windows feature an anti-slippery layer. The can also support heavy loads, so it is possible for a person to stand on one.

Fakro, a Polish company, also designs accompanying glazed and metal hatches to provide access to rooftops. Roller blinds can also be installed on the outside to protect spaces from over-heating and too much sunlight.

To find out more about Fakro's products, visit the company's website.