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Mosa's latest tile collection interacts with light, space and time

Dezeen promotion: Dutch tile manufacturer Mosa has launched a new range of ceramic tiles named "μ" (mu), which appears to change colour throughout the day.

The μ collection comes in a single 60-by-60-centimentre size and is available in four different shades: white, light grey, grey and brown.

However, each of the shades is actually made up of a combination of millions of vividly dyed ceramic and clay grains, so the tiles subtly change hue depending on surrounding light levels at different times of the day.

Development of the Red Dot Award-winning product was sparked by Mosa's extensive research into current design trends, nature and the ancient Greek philosophers' approach to colour. The company has 130 years' experience with ceramics.

After analysing their findings, Mosa's designers decided to produce a "dynamic" floor tile that would interact with light, space and time.

They experimented with pigment blends to create tile surfaces that absorb and reflect the colours of various objects within the same space, aiming to provide freedom of expression for interior designers.

The appearance of the tiles can also be altered by factors such as distance and angle, taking into account the shape of the room they are situated in and the size of each ceramic area.

In line with the brand's commitment to sustainable design and manufacturing, the production of the μ series adheres to the cradle-to-cradle principles, including having large recycling potential, low energy consumption and good working conditions.

Recently, Mosa tiles were used by JM Architecture to cover an L-shaped villa in the Italian town of Jesolo.

Find out more about the μ tile range via Mosa's website.