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Mosa launches ventilated porcelain facade cladding in UK

Dezeen promotion: now available in the UK, Mosa's durable porcelain panels can be used to create ventilated facades for a range of buildings.

Dutch tile brand Mosa offers seven ranges of porcelain facade tiles, each with an array of colour and size options. They can be used to create facades that are highly weather-resistant, but that also help to maintain a comfortable climate inside the building.

"Ventilated facade systems ensure good physical properties and a comfortable indoor climate thanks to the balance between insulation and ventilation," explained the company.

"The porcelain facade cladding offers optimum protection against the environmental influences."

The unglazed porcelain panels are manufactured using recycled materials – up to 45 per cent, depending on the product type. Colours available include earthy hues of beige and brown to subtle palettes of grey and black.

The tiles are made using Mosa's Ultragres production process – a technique that involves pressing the panels beneath a weight of up to 3,500 tonnes, then firing them at temperatures of up to 1,230 degrees Celsius.

This gives each panel a natural, matt finish that varies subtly each time, but it also means that the facades are extremely wear- and scratch-resistant. According to Mosa, the facades are low-maintenance and easy to clean even when vandalised with graffiti.

"The scratch-resistance is so high, you could scrape over the tile with a metal profile and leave it unmarked," product manager Vince Limpens told Dezeen.

Other features include a resistance to UV radiation. The tiles are also colour-fast, which means they will not fade over time.

One of the seven series by Mosa is its "earthy" Quartz tile collection, which features three warm and three cool colours, ranging from cream to dark brown.

These tiles contain natural striations of sandy-looking grains and crystal-like particles, giving them a natural-looking appearance.

The Mosa Quartz tiles come with either smooth or textured surfaces. Other Mosa series include µ (mu), Solids, Terra Beige and Brown, Terra Greys, Terra Maestricht, and Terra Tones.

Mosa is one of Europe's leading tile manufacturers, first established over 130 years ago by Louis Regout. Today, the brand specialises in architectural wall and floor coverings, for both indoors and outdoors.

The brand's ventilated facade claddings feature on numerous buildings in the Netherlands, from a conceptual house in Rotterdam to a cooking school in Hasselt.

The porcelain cladding systems meet the relevant British standards, meaning they can now be used on buildings in the UK.

For more information about Mosa's porcelain facade cladding, see the brand's website.