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Last chance to enter Dezeen and Samsung's €30,000 competition to rethink the TV stand

Dezeen promotion: There are just two weeks left to submit an entry to Dezeen and Samsung's competition to design an innovative stand for the brand's new QLED TV.

The TV, which is available with either a flat or curved screen, features a bracket on the back that allows a variety of interchangeable stands to be attached.

Competition entrants are invited to come up with a new design for a stand that could be fastened to this bracket – and must submit their ideas before 1 August.

Samsung is looking for designs that show the TV is more than just a piece of technology, but something that can be a feature in a home interior.

The brand encourages entrants to have a particular lifestyle in mind and design their stand to match it. This could be luxurious or minimal, for example.

"There is no single universal design that can fit any spaces, so various types of stands and wall-mount solutions for the QLED TV provides consumers with more options to pick for matching their space," Samsung Electronics' executive vice president Kang Wook Chun told Dezeen.

The competition is free to enter and has €30,000 total prize money. €8,000 will be awarded to the winner, €3,000 each for the other four finalists and €1,000 for the 10 that make it as far as the shortlist.

Mockups of the five best designs will be produced by Samsung and shown at electronics trade show IFA, in Berlin in September 2017. All five finalists will then be invited to travel to Berlin to present their work, before the winner is selected.

Dezeen will also interview the finalists and make a short movie about each one. The winner will have their movie published on Dezeen.

The competition is part of Samsung's plan to create an open-design platform for its products and accessories. Through initiatives like this, the brand wants to encourage designers all over the world to get involved with the creation of new products.

"We are excited that the platform will give industrial designers, home builders and home decor companies new inspiration about the relationship between the space and screen," said Kang Wook.

For more details on how to enter, the entry requirements and judging criteria, visit