Solicor Laminate by Wilsonart

Wilsonart adds neutral tones and textures to its Solicor Laminate surfaces

Dezeen promotion: cream-coloured linen, white marble and silvery oak are among the new designs available in Wilsonart's expanded solid-core laminate surface collection.

Solicor Laminate by Wilsonart
Wilsonart's new designs for its Solicor Laminate collection include a dove-grey block colour and a silvery oak

Wilsonart has updated its Solicor Laminate collection with three new hues – khaki, grey and almond – which form the cores of the new range.

Fifteen patterned surface-top designs – including block colour, woodgrain, linen, marble and soapstone – are available in five colours. These designs are then finished with either a matt, gloss, woodgrain or velvet texture.

Solicor Laminate by Wilsonart
Over 15 different designs are available, including a tan-coloured linen, with no visible joins at the corners and edges

As with earlier designs in the range, the new colours and textures extend across the layers of the laminate, so there are no visible joins at the edges and corners – resulting in a seamless appearance.

Solicor Laminate by Wilsonart
Designs are segmented into three cores – Calacatta Oro forms part of the Almond range

"These Solicor additions fill a void in the marketplace," said Wilsonart specialty products manager Garret Quarles. "Designers want the freedom to use a durable, versatile and sustainable material like laminate without sacrificing on style."

"By eliminating that disruptive brown line and releasing on-trend designs, Solicor Laminate opens up a world of possibilities," he added.

Wilsonart produces the laminates in various thicknesses and sizes to make them suitable for a number of applications.

Solicor Laminate by Wilsonart
Textural options include a wood grain called Field Elm

The Solicor Laminate is intended for desks and countertops, backsplashes, cabinetry and cabinet doors, as well as retail merchandising displays.

The 15 new designs are also available in Solicor Compact Laminate, a thick laminate that doesn't require a substrate. This product is suited to countertops, furniture, fixtures, partitions, lockers and wall panels.

Solicor Laminate by Wilsonart
Colour blocks are also available with matt or glossy finishes

Founded in 1956, Wilsonart manufactures and distributes engineered surfaces, including solid surface, quartz and other specialty laminate. The company launched the designs during this year's NeoCon fair in Chicago.

During the event, which took place from 12 to 14 June, the brand also added six new solid-surface designs to its collection based on the theme of "timeless luxury".