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10 homes that double up as galleries or artists' workspaces

From an open-plan Berlin apartment that acts as an exhibition space to a garden shed for making and displaying sculpture, art takes centre stage in these homes, which have all been popular on our Pinterest page.

Berlin apartment, Germany, by Raum404

When renovating this 19th-century apartment in Berlin, Swiss-based studio Raum404 kept the interiors as minimal, white and spacious as possible. White cabinets conceal clutter, so that the space can be opened up to the public for exhibitions.

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Modern Oasis, US, by SkB

Refurbished by SkB Architects, this contemporary house features stark white walls that display the owner's private art collection, and large glass windows that flood the gallery-like interior with natural light.

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S Gallery and Residence, Japan, by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Japanese firm Shinichi Ogawa & Associates wanted to make the most of the forest scenery surrounding this home and gallery in the mountainous region of Japan's Mie Prefecture, so gave it an all-glass facade.

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Gallery House, Singapore, by Lekker Design

Singapore-based Lekker split this minimal house and gallery as two volumes that are joined by a twisted, boxy staircase. The lower volume accommodates a triple-height gallery and kitchen, and the upper contains the bedrooms and private spaces.

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Oeuf, Japan, by Flat House

This building in Tokyo by Japanese studio Flat House accommodates a cafe, gallery, art studio and private residence. The house was named Oeuf after the white, egg-shaped central structure that contains a toilet and kitchen, and also acts as a divider between the public and private spaces.

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Garden Gallery, Australia, by Panovscott

Australian architecture studio Panovscott built this shed-like construction behind a family home belonging to two artists. It acts as a studio where they can make and display art, and still be in close proximity to their home.

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Cambridge Residence, US, by Stern McCafferty Architects

The president of the board of trustees at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston owns this country home in Massachusetts. When Stern McCafferty Architects renovated the property, its entryway was transformed into a gallery that exhibits the owner's personal art collection.

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Footscray, Australia, by BoardGrove

The furniture and fitting in this suburban Melbourne apartment are made to look like objet d'art inside the gallery-like interior, renovated by Australia-based BoardGrove Architects.

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Enzo Office Gallery, Japan, by Ogawa Sekkei

This two-storey house has been transformed into a studio and showroom for a landscape architect, by architect Ogawa Sekkei. The building features traditional Japanese decor, such as a rock garden and a translucent screen made from traditional Japanese shoji paper.

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Microluxe apartment, Australia, Edwards Moore

Guests staying at this small Airbnb-style rental apartment in Melbourne can purchase the furniture, art, and accessories around them, meaning the interior design will constantly change over time.

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