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Bare Conductive unveils DIY kit for assembling a lamp from a piece of paper

London-based startup and electronics brand Bare Conductive has created a DIY kit that can be used to transform a sheet of paper into a functioning light.

Called Electric Paint Lamp Kit, the self-assembly kit contains all the components needed to build a paper lamp, including a circuit board, six LED lights, a micro USB plug and electrically conductive paint.

Users can follow a detailed list of instructions to assemble the light. This includes folding the paper into shape and drawing circuits using the Electric Paint.

Bare Conductive came up with the idea for the kit in response to the huge demand it received for this paint – a water-soluble, solvent-free product that contains conductive particles.

The company claims it can be used to create electronic circuits on paper, plastic, textiles and conventional electronics. It can facilitate touch-sensor functions such as on and off buttons, as well as light dimmers and proximity sensors.

For the Electric Paint Lamp Kit, it makes it possible to create a touch-sensitive switch for the LED lights.

"Light is a great output to trigger with touch. We've had demos in the past using Electric Paint to trigger light and they've always been hugely popular, so the idea of giving people the tools to paint, fold, and create their own lamp seemed like a logical next step," Bare Conductive told Dezeen.

According to the company, users needs no prior knowledge of electronics to use the kit.

"The assembly process is really easy so anyone can succeed in creating their own lamp. And it's got the built in the excitement of using Electric Paint to bring some magic into the design, with absolutely no electronics experience," it added.

The kit comes with paper templates, but users can customise these, or substitute them for their own designs. This means the lamp can be suitable "for use in the home, office or workshop," said Bare Conductive.

The micro USB plug provides all the power necessary for the six LEDS.

Bare Conductive launched the Electric Paint Lamp Kit on Kickstarter, in a bid to secure funding. So far it has tripled its target of £16,511, and still has two weeks before the campaign is over.

The company is among a number of designers and companies exploring the potential for making electronically conductive products using paper.

Others include Nendo, which recently launched a flashlight made from paper, and French designers Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage, who have designed a set of 13 paper electronic toys.