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Tap water carafe by Lotte de Raadt

Lotte de Raadt's terracotta carafes are designed to encourage people to drink tap water

To encourage people to consume more tap water, Dutch designer Lotte de Raadt presents a range of terracotta carafes that naturally keep liquids cool at this year's Dutch Design Week, which starts today.

De Raadt hopes to discourage people from continuously buying plastic bottles of water with her Tap Water carafes, which feature stoppers shaped like the traditional taps handles.

Each of the vessels is crafted from unglazed terracotta, which naturally cools water stored inside.

They come in different shapes, to reflect different sources of Dutch water. The tallest bottle with a long, slim neck refers to water taken from deep underground, while the stouter model is meant to reflect vessels typically used for collecting surface water.

Tap water carafe by Lotte de Raadt

The designer was originally inspired to produce the small collection of vessels eight years ago, after coming across an article in a newspaper that promoted the consumption of local tap water.

"At the time there was less marketing or information about tap water, even though in Holland we have good water supply companies who work hard to guarantee its high quality," she told Dezeen.

Tap water carafe by Lotte de Raadt

De Raadt was also concerned about pollution caused by the transport and disposal of plastic bottles. Since graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2010, she has focused on making "conscious" ceramic homeware products that raise awareness of water usage and explore humans' relationship with other essential resources.

"I think it's important to know more about elements we use every day, like water," said Raadt. "Design is a way to make systems more transparent."

Tap water carafe by Lotte de Raadt

Commissioned by design label Vij5, Raadt's tap water carafes will be presented at this year's Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, which takes place from 21 to 29 October 2017.

During the event, Dezeen will host a series of talks as part of its Good Design for a Bad World initiative, which looks at how creatives can address the big issues currently facing the world.

Moderated by Dezeen founder and Dutch Design Week international ambassador Marcus Fairs, the five discussions will explore climate change, refugees, terrorism, pollution and politics.

The talks are free to attend and will take place across the first weekend at the People's Pavilion at KetelHuisplein 1 in the Strijp-S district of Eindhoven.