Andy Warhol-themed sunglasses reference the artist's early illustrations

Eyewear brand Retrosuperfuture has collaborated with the Andy Warhol Foundation to create a range of sunglasses that are printed with the late artist's illustrations of eyes and pupils.

The latest collection marks the fourth year that Retrosuperfuture has collaborated with the foundation, whose archive of Warhol's work was used as a starting point by the brand for this year's eyewear.

"You really get excited when you have access to this historical treasure," said the designers.

"It allows us to create unique creativity while celebrating Art: We have access to Andy Warhol’s archives, thousands of images, sketches, photos, documents, illustrations, notes and quotes."

The brand wanted to create contemporary pieces that utilise modern technology and materials, while still referencing the pop-art movement.

Both designs are printed with eye illustrations on the lenses that can only be seen from the outside.  This is done using the so-called "ghost" technique, where an image is encased within a piece of glass.

The first model features a set of thick oval-shaped frames in rose gold that outline a pair of silver lenses, while the frame of the second is extended to create a graphic nose bridge and sleek arms.

Both models feature an inscription of Warhol's signature on the inside of the arms.

"We are always looking for connections between Warhol's work and our present world. We do not want to make vintage pieces. We want to make pieces that are fresh and contemporary," Retrosuperfuture told Dezeen.

"We took those illustrated glasses, gave them a modern, contemporary spin for today’s market and made them into real tangible pieces," they continued.

Earlier this year, contemporary Israeli designers showed their radical concepts for the future of eyewear for an exhibition the Design Museum Holon.

Among the pieces presented were a pair of Carbonwood glasses by Ezri Tarazi,  which are made by layering thin strips of tree bark fused with carbon fibre, and sunglasses made from wicker by Shora Keret and Itay Laniado.