10 home interiors that make use of board-marked concrete

For this week's roundup of popular images from our Pinterest boards, we've found residences all over the world that feature interiors with textured concrete walls. 

Casa Mach, Argentina, by Luciano Kruk

Board-marked concrete features prominently in Argentinian architect Luciano Kruk's buildings, and this linear residence is no exception. Concrete slabs were used for both the exterior and interior walls, and were imprinted on pine while wet, giving them a rough texture.

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Captain's House, China, by Vector Architects

A barrel-vaulted concrete roof encases a new living room in this renovated home in the Chinese seaside village of Beijiao. Vector Architects chose exposed concrete to compliment the rocky landscape and frame ocean views.

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Hafye House, Japan, by Cubo Design Architect

Cubo Design Architect combined rough concrete with blackened wood for this house in Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture, which focuses on materiality. Two concrete volumes make up the ground floor, music room and guest room.

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SB House, Israel, by Bar Orian Architects

This Tel Aviv property is fitted with vertical louvres made from Corten steel, allowing light to filter into the living areas lined with exposed concrete and fitted with black metal shelving.

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Casa N, Peru, by Cheng + Franco Arquitectos

Lima-based studio Cheng + Franco Arquitectos chose exposed board-marked concrete for the interior walls and slanted ceilings of this rural residence in Peru, which features an open-plan living area and Corten steel facade.

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Tibur House, UK, by Paul Archer Design

To extend the rear of this north London house, Paul Archer Design used a cast in-situ concrete structure with a board-marked surface as the skeleton, then filled in the gaps with transparent glazing to create a light-filled kitchen.

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Mezquites House, Mexico, by AS/D Asociación de Diseño

Warm-toned clay bricks contrast with a textural concrete staircase at this Guanajuato residence, visually separating the main living spaces from a covert artist's studio.

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Casa Golf, Argentina, by Luciano Kruk

The second house by Luciano Kruk on our list is comprised of a trio of stacked volumes. Located on a sandy golf course, it was created entirely from exposed concrete.

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Corner House, Argentina, by Dieguez Fridman

Buenos Aires' traditional "sausage houses" inspired this narrow four-storey home by Dieguez Fridman, which is made from rectangular concrete slabs and features a solid concrete staircase.

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