Martha Sturdy uses resin to create bold, blocky furniture

Canadian designer Martha Sturdy has combined geometric shapes with bold, primary colours to create a collection of furniture pieces made entirely from resin.

On show at the Masion&Objet furniture fair in Paris this week, the Prime collection includes a series of stools, wall decorations, a table and stackable shelves.

Each of the designs are made from basic shapes like cylinders, cubes, circles and squares. The colours are limited to primary shades of red, yellow and blue, as well as black and white.

The coloured resin is made with varying levels of saturation, with an opaque finish for the yellow and red items, and a translucent finish for the blue.

According to the designer, the collection is intended as a "study in simplicity".

"I wanted to show that colour doesn't have to be complicated or distracting and that when combined with clean and confident forms, its boldness can be grounding," said Sturdy.

"The collection itself functions like building blocks, one piece stands alone, but a room can be built piece by piece," she continued.

Each item in the collection can be used individually or combined as building blocks for a more complex arrangement.

The Chief cube comprises a cube-shaped stool with a black and white striped finish, while the round Chief stool has a cylindrical form, in either blue, yellow or red.

The table has a circular surface and a single leg that matches the shape of the cylindrical stool, and is made from blue resin.

The cube shelving unit comes in varying sizes and colours, each of which can be used individually or stacked on top of each other.

A circular convex wall plate also features in the collection, as does a resin screen, which features a three-panel structure with a yellow panel in the middle.

The Prime collection will be on show at the Masion&Objet furniture fair in Paris from 19 to 23 January 2018.

Other projects on show include a series of serving plates with accents of colour by Formafantasma and spherical glass pendant lamps by Sebastian Herkner.