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Dimore Studio's opulent textile collection takes over Paris storefront

Textiles featuring three-dimensional patterns, by Dimore Studio, have been draped over chairs and surfaces to create an installation for a Parisian store.

Displayed in a shop window on Galerie de Montpensier – a street located in the first arrondissement, near the Garden of the Palais Royal – the colourful fabrics were thrown across chairs and piled onto surfaces to form a kaleidoscopic display of pattern and colour.

Originally launched in 2015 with new designs added each year, the Progetto Tessuti collection is in keeping with the studio's opulent aesthetic.

Fabrics are made using "heirloom yarns" of different thicknesses and include hardwearing jacquard and printed fabrics that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They can be used for both curtains and upholstery.

Featuring out of scale patterns and subtle references to the art deco movement – themes often reoccurring in the studio's work – the luxurious collection is realised in a combination of dusty and saturated colours.

To make the fabrics, the studio said it used "ancient working techniques reminiscent of couture", such as embossing, ageing, glueing and laminating, as well as embroidery and other finishing treatments.

"It is an essential part of the experiment to obtain the depth of relief, the contrast between iridescent and matte and the sophisticated subtle shading of colour tones," said Dimore Studio founders Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci.

"Indoor fabrics in satin, cotton and silk are designed to offer wonderful three-dimensional effects, featuring a variety of textures and extremely rich and full effects,"  they continued.

"Outdoor fabrics are printed with subjects inspired by urban settings where architectural elements transform into original decorative details, or by beaches where human presence restores the audacity of a sophisticated and unconventional creativity," they added.

"The dusty and saturated colours are a constant of our aesthetics."

Dimore Studio recently completed the interior of a west London members' club, creating a rose-tinted restaurant inspired by the decadent 1960s nightlife spots on the French Riviera.

Previously the studio has applied its distinctive aesthetic to a series of five boldly furnished rooms inside a London art gallery, and an Aesop store which it finished with green-coloured subway tiles and lemon-yellow shelving.