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"We've come a long way but architecture is still a boys' club"

Readers react to architect Richard Meier's decision to temporarily step down from his firm, following sexual harassment allegations, in this special comments update. 

Time's up: Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Meier said he was "deeply troubled and embarrassed by the accounts of several women" in a statement released yesterday, following a report in the New York Times. But for some readers, it was too little too late.

"Unfortunately, I'm surprised that more old head architects haven't been exposed. We've come a long way, but architecture is still a boys' club," wrote an exasperated Danl.

For IDracula, this felt like history was, unfortunately, repeating itself: "With a good PR firm, he'll take a leave of absence for a while and then come back as a repentant poster boy for the design industry."

However, OCD Moto pointed to recent news as a suggestion of what could to happen next: "As we've all seen this past year, there is no tower of success that can withstand the slow and constant pull of a mud foundation."

"I have a lot of respect for his work. I don't care about those women's stories," shrugged Mr Delevoye, defiantly.

"Goodness gracious. The very fact that you made such a comment just demonstrates how off track you are. Does that excuse what he did? Typical sexist attitude," fired back an incredulous Daa.

"Does anyone ask why the 'victims' sue the rich old men at such a late stage in their lives? Why not bring this out in the open when it actually has taken place?" asked Faheen Donzel, questioning the timing of the allegations.

Meanwhile Ginerva Gin suggested the situation had been blown out of proportion: "It didn't come across that this man abused his employers, it came across that he tried some stuff that was embarrassing but didn't lead to anything else though."

Arc* was tired of the excuses from both the accused and his defendants: "'Recollections may differ' – Lame. #MeToo hits the architectural field, with one of its best-known practitioners actually a dirty old man, gross."

This reader felt the allegations were the start of something much larger.

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