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Ab Rogers Design creates bespoke furniture for students

Ab Rogers Design creates bespoke furniture for students

London-based studio Ab Rogers Design has designed a range of furniture for student accommodation company Scape.

Rogers, who is based in Hackney, was asked to create a number of bespoke furniture pieces designed around the needs of university goers living in Scape student accommodation.

The resulting collection features two versatile pieces, a stool and a chair, that have been designed to have multiple functions.

"Both pieces were inspired by the challenge of delivering multiple functions within a single form without the need for complex mechanical parts," Rogers told Dezeen.

"We rigorously questioned the potential of each one's functionality, exploring the furthest possible boundaries of what they could offer in terms of posturing as well as supporting other useful items, and devised a design based on the form most closely defined by these functions," he explained.

The first item in the collection is the Scape Stool, made from a plastic derivative polyurethane. Made in an orange colour, it is made of a four-sided, carved volume where every face is intended to have a different function.

"The Scape Stool has multiple faces, each one hosting a different function, creating a different feeling and offering different height," said Rogers.

"Whether a student wants to study, relax, eat, reach something up high, the stool is there for them. It can even rock and roll – plus you can hang your coat on it," he explained.

The Scape chair is available in a blue colour and features a single-mould chair with an attached side table.

"Inspired by the constantly changing nature of contemporary student life the Scape Chair can be sat on in a multitude of ways – high and low, left and right – flexible and responsive to the mood of the user," said Rogers.

"A single moulded piece, it contains multiple functions – the side table can be a ledge for a mug of tea, a desk for a laptop or a perch for a bottom. It can even be used as an iPad stand for your iPad for watching movies in bed – what more could a student want?"

A former Royal College of Art lecturer, Rogers has previously collaborated with student housing service Scape on a housing block inspired by sleeping quarters in a train carriage. Recently, he has designed a 19-square-metre apartment in London as part of a Compact Living project.

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