"This is bait to make architects angry"

In this week's comments update, readers are riled up by Christo comparing the creation of his work to building a skyscraper.

Barrel of laughs: bemused readers joined forces in the comments section this week to suggest that Christo had been enticed into making controversial remarks during his interview with Dezeen.

"Dezeen, you naughty tykes, did you slip him a fiver to say that so you could get your audience wound up?" questioned Paul B.

"This article is bait to make architects angry" underlined Stool 60.

An angered Małgorzata felt strongly that "Christo has not a slightest idea of building a skyscraper!"

And you haven't the slightest clue whether he does or doesn't," responded an annoyed Howard Cosell.

One reader wondered what was happening to the barrels after the installation, asking:

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Diverse opinions: the conversation moved from fashion to politics when Virgil Abloh unveiled his polychromatic menswear collection for Louis Vuitton during Paris fashion week.

"Why Paris? Why not London? Louis Vuitton should move to London. It would be a huge huge blow for the EU countries," exclaimed Thomas.

The focus on politics irritated readers, including Jonathan who commented: "I love that 90 per cent of comments so far are more concerned about the location of the show, trade wars or, for some reason, Brexit?!" Let's discuss the work, not Brexit."

One reader who did have a strong opinion on the work was Pierre, who wrote: "Impossible to wear this. Maybe for Halloween."

"My bank balance loves this collection." celebrated Nick, sarcastically, who was not going to be buying any items.

Despite the video of catwalk show being 14 minutes long, Concerned Citizen felt that:

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Trailer trash: Colorado startup Land Ark revealed its first mobile home this week, which features angled walls, black metal cladding and an interior wrapped in white-washed pine.

Archi was impressed, much to their surprise: "Was expecting something terrible but the interior is actually pleasant."

"Aesthetically a step above the competition," agreed Richard Montena.

"I like the design and detailing overall, but the wheels are a complete afterthought,"offered a slightly disappointed Carlos Ferreira.

Other readers, including Tom, sarcastically remarked on other features: "Nice air-conditioning unit."

Ed questioned the trailer's overall shape:

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Lessons to learn: readers felt let down by the recently completed educational centre in London for the Aga Khan Foundation, designed by Pritzker Prize winner Fumihiko Maki.

Despite having a series of roof spaces, terraces and courtyards that contain six Islamic gardens, Yousif El Helw commented: "What a boring building. Looks outdated already."

Rado Iliev agreed, asking: "Is it me or is it dull?"

"Is this really the best one could do to celebrate the contributions of the Aga Khan Trust? How about using some of that beautiful relief work on that really boring facade and bring some cultural diversification?," asked Nairita Chakraborty.

Seeming to agree, one reader wrote:

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