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Wikipedia leaks surprising streetwear collaboration

Wikipedia leaks surprising streetwear collaboration

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia has teamed up with Los Angeles-based fashion label Advisory Board Crystals to launch a streetwear collection, with 100 per cent of proceeds going to the Wikimedia Foundation.

The non-profit encyclopedia, which is edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, launched the unlikely collaboration online today, 15 August.

Wikipedia leaks surprising streetwear collaboration

Described by the streetwear label as "our first iteration of the physical representation of Wikipedia", the collaboration features a single long-sleeved, white tee with imagery related to the popular online encyclopedia.

The product is currently retailing for $85 (approximately £67) with all proceeds going to The Wikimedia Foundation, the charity organisation that owns Wikipedia.

"Free information is a privilege. One of the ideals of the Advisory Board Crystals is that there are many ways to save the world," reads a statement on the fashion label's website.

"As a nonprofit, Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation's related free knowledge projects are powered primarily through donations. Help us keep knowledge free," it continues.

Wikipedia leaks surprising streetwear collaboration

The back of the tee is emblazoned with the Wikipedia puzzle-globe logo, originally created by Paul Stansifer, a then 17-year-old user, whose entry won a design competition run by the site in 2003.

It features a grey globe composed of puzzle pieces and dotted with various alphabetical characters. Accompanying the logo are the words "internet master" in a red, retro font.

Elsewhere, the left-hand arm of the clothing piece features The Wikimedia Foundation logo in black and is juxtaposed with a red and white information label that is sewn on using red thread.

"Knowledge is power and awareness is survival. In addition to being a large source of inspiration and information for our projects, Wikipedia leads us to a place in which you can imagine a world where every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge," said Advisory Board Crystals.

"From fighting censorship in Turkey to joining with the American Civil Liberties Union in challenging the United States National Security Agency (NSA) to protect privacy, the Wikimedia Foundation stands up for human rights online. They believe in open discourse and international cooperation," explained the brand.

Many fashion labels are launching unlikely collaborations with organisations. Earlier this year Heron Preston teamed up with NASA to launch a collection of streetwear clothing that takes cues from 60-years of visual history at the space agency.