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Joyce Wang explores diverse potential of terrazzo with Flint objects

Joyce Wang Studio has created a range of limited-edition furniture and homeware to prove there is more to terrazzo than kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

On show for London Design Festival, Flint is a collection of nine terrazzo objects that aim to showcase the diverse potential of the material.

The collection includes three tables, a vase, two bowls, a small dish, an hourglass and an ornamental sphere. They are available in three colours: charcoal, rose or sage.

"We wanted to really showcase the elegance of terrazzo and push the boundaries of the material and the fabrication," said Joyce Wang, who is shortlisted for emerging interior designer of the year at Dezeen Awards.

"The aim is to bring out the more precious qualities of terrazzo, elevating it from a surface material into a collection of furniture, lighting and objects that accentuate its multi-faceted character," she added.

This was achieved by refining the material to include bevelled edging and tapered elements. These features are accentuated by solid brass detailing with stroke, cross and ring motifs.

"We have given terrazzo a new identity by adding these metal details, highlighting the terrazzo, capturing a moment in time. There's a special, timeless beauty in using an old material, in a new way," said the studio.

"The metal coordinates add an element of luxury into the pieces themselves, and also accentuates the terrazzo being archaeology itself, because its been sanded, polished and the metal reveals itself along with the terrazzo together."

The pieces were created in collaboration with a third-generation terrazzo manufacturer in Italy.

Custom blocks of terrazzo were cut into slabs and then stencil-cut into the desired shapes, before being bevelled and polished to reveal the metal elements beneath the surface.

"When we did our research into existing terrazzo furniture and terrazzo accessories in the market there was a lot of slab format, primitive forms out there," added Wang.

"When we were looking at where to fabricate this, we wanted the absolute best, we wanted the utmost luxury, the most sculpted forms and there was no place that could do that other than Italy."

Joyce Wang now has studios in London and Hong Kong. She is showcasing Flint in her London office throughout London Design Festival, which continues until 23 September.

Other projects on display during the festival include health-focused furniture by Another Country and jesmonite furniture by Malgorzata Bany.

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