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Dezeen's top 10 staircases of 2018

Continuing our review of 2018, social media assistant Fiona Hartley picks the 10 most impressive staircases of the past year, including a flowing structure made from oak and a set of cantilevered pink steps.

Dezeen's top 10 staircases of 2018

Portico Palmeto, Mexico, by TACO

Mexican firm TACO chose to use pink-tinted concrete for the staircase of its own headquarters in Mérida, on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

The structure comprises two parts – a chunky cast-concrete base and set of cantilevered treads. The design is intended to complement the rest of the Mayan-inspired space, which features palm trees and water pools.

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Dezeen's top 10 staircases of 2018

Stairstalk, UK, by Atmos Studio

The flowing form of this laminated oak staircase provides a centrepiece for HIDE, a new restaurant in London's Mayfair.

The structure curls up from the basement bar to the upper mezzanine. Created using a specialised method of bentwood construction, it features tendril-like lines that appear to flow out from niches in the wall.

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Dezeen's top 10 staircases of 2018

New Central Library, Canada, by Snøhetta and Dialog

The New Central Library in Calgary is organised around a huge canoe-shaped atrium, lined in hemlock wood slats to reference to Canada's First Nations people.

This material also covers the staircases and balustrades that wind up through the space, providing a warm aesthetic and helping to control acoustics.

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Dezeen's top 10 staircases of 2018

Community Cultural Centre, Mexico, by Productora

Brick steps ascend through a void in the centre of this museum and library in Oaxaca, creating a pedestrian route through the centre of the site.

On each side, a timber handrail matches the building's door and window frames.

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Dezeen's top 10 staircases of 2018

Glossier Flagship, USA, by Gachot Studios and PRO

The staircase in this New York branch of beauty brand Glossier brings together pink plaster walls and red quartz steps. The walls curve up to frame a circular skylight overhead.

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Dezeen's top 10 staircases of 2018

GS1, Portugal, by Promontorio

A spiralling concrete staircase now winds up through the centre of this 1980s office building in Lisbon, thanks to a major facelift by Portuguese studio Promontorio. The underside of the steps are left ridged, giving the stairs a raw aesthetic.

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Dezeen's top 10 staircases of 2018

Maison du Parc, Canada, by La Shed Architecture

A sculptural monochrome staircase spans all three levels of this house in Montreal. Its curved handrail is white, while its simple treads are black. A skylight brings light down from above, which filters though gaps between the treads.

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Dezeen's top 10 staircases of 2018

Harrods Fine Watches, UK, by Rundell Associates

Materials used in luxury watches were chosen for this staircase, located inside London department store Harrods.

The treads are terrazzo flecked with fragments of mother of pearl, while the walls are creamy Cipollino Tirrenia stone. The handrails are made from bronze and finished with leather  shaped to look like a watch strap.

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Dezeen's top 10 staircases of 2018

Askham Road, UK, by Waind Gohil and Potter Architects

Waind Gohil and Potter Architects designed this sculptural staircase for a small house in London. The staircase was fabricated off-site with the use of CNC cutters and the parts were then assembled like a puzzle.

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Dezeen's top 10 staircases of 2018

Holistic Office, UK, by Studio Ben Allen

This expansion of the offices of global engineering firm Cundall included the addition of this spiralling staircase, consisting of thin plywood struts. The struts form a trestle-like structure that allows light to filter between floors.

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