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Tile trends from Ceramics of Italy
This year's tile trends include Lunar Marble, demonstrated by the Transalp products from Fire, a Fincibec brand

Ceramics of Italy predicts tile trends for 2019

Dezeen promotion: playful patterns, colourful marbles and a return to tradition are among the trends to look out for in the tile industry this year, according to organisation Ceramics of Italy.

Ceramics of Italy, an association that represents hundreds of leading Italian tile brands, has released a trend report that outlines the developments and styles that are expected to dominate the world of architectural surfaces over the next 12 months.

In an industry that has changed dramatically in recent years, thanks to advances in cutting technology and digital printing techniques, the organisation admits that staying in the loop proves to be a challenge.

"If you're a tile enthusiast, you know that keeping up with the ceramic tile industry is no easy task," said Ceramics of Italy in a statement.

So it put together a handy guide to seven of the technical upgrades and aesthetic fashions arriving on the scene from Italian manufacturers, and provided examples of collections that demonstrate these qualities.

Here are Ceramics of Italy's top tile trends for 2019:

Tile trends from Ceramics of Italy
Campani's Divinae tiles feature textured surfaces created by relief patterns

Neu surfaces

This year, it wasn't just the patterns and sizes that impressed with their seemingly endless variety and sense of inventiveness. Tile producers have completely upped the ante in terms of surface design, which can be seen in dozens of awe-inspiring, new finishes and textures designed for aesthetics as well as functionality.

Two collections that artfully demonstrate this trend as well as ceramic tiles' chameleon capabilities include Ceramica Sant'Agostino Lakewood that conjures oiled wood planks with a hand planed surface and Vallelunga Cava whose marble design and satin finish looks like an ancient European church floor.

Tile trends from Ceramics of Italy
The Esprit 2.0 system from Mirage comes in colour variations of Mediterranean stone


For years, Italian tile manufacturers have been expanding the definition of a product, offering specifiers a whole suite of surfacing tools around a single idea or design. At first, it was a range of colours, finishes, and sizes as well as complementing decors and trims.

Now, with continued investment in production equipment, many companies are expanding their range of thicknesses – and thus applications – with tiles ranging from 3-30 millimetres including a new 12-millimetre-thick porcelain tile specifically designed for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, tables and outdoor kitchens.

Tile trends from Ceramics of Italy
Intricate patterns with playful accents are achievable with Atlas Concorde's Boost tiles

Tile play

From three-dimensional tiles that look like giant Lego bricks (Marca Corona Bold) to popular cartoons illustrated on ceramic (Del Conca Felix the Cat), when projects call for playfulness, Italian tile answers in full.

Companies are continuously experimenting with colour, size and patterns to create one-of-a-kind surfacing for architects and designers. They also offer tailor made solutions like Ornamenta's ability to print large porcelain slabs in any Pantone colour.

Tile trends from Ceramics of Italy
Cotto d'Este's Vanity stone in dark brown exemplifies the increasing diversity of marble tiles

Lunar marble

Moving beyond common varieties of stone like carrara, statuario, and travertine, Italian tile producers are scouting quarries throughout the world to find obscure marble full of colour and character or digitally manipulating the look of natural stone to create something that is literally out-of-this-world.

For Sicis' ever-evolving Vetrite collection, the enchanting magic of 13 gemstones are captured and amplified in between giant sheets of glass to create lunar-like landscapes for the Gem Glass line. Meanwhile, Refin Stardust combines the nebulous veining of alabaster with elegant metallic surface effects to create a line of porcelain tiles inspired by the nighttime sky.

Tile trends from Ceramics of Italy
Cerasarda is one of several Italian tile companies offering options in this year's on-trend colour: blue

The blues

Whether soft or electric, blue is one of the hottest hues in tile design this year, offering a revitalising pop of colour to a variety of interiors. Some, like Cedit's Rilievi sculptural ceramic wallcoverings, are the kind of hyper blue associated with contemporary artists Yves Klein and Frida Kahlo. Others, like Refin Creos and Provenza Vulcanika, conjure the feeling of vacation and the shallow teal waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tile trends from Ceramics of Italy
This bold monstera-leaf print is created using the Tahiti tiles from 14 Ora Italiana

Big patterns

Italians are known for their rich artistic heritage, which are now rendered on big porcelain slabs with minimal grout lines to create the alluring effect of wallpaper with the technical benefits of ceramic. In fact, some companies are even marketing their products as ceramic wallpaper, offering an expansive catalog of patterns digitally printed on tiles up to 5.25 by 10 feet.

One example is ABK who introduced Dark Edition as a capsule collection inspired by the Gothic side of nature for its ever-expanding Wide&Style line. Another company is Fuoriformato who offers an explosion of colour and pattern on large ceramic surfaces that can also be used as furnishing elements.

Tile trends from Ceramics of Italy
Marazzi is among the tile companies looking to history for references, as shown in its D_Segni collection


From ancient forms and 18th century patterns to tiles inspired by charming places seemingly stuck in time, Italian tile manufacturers are finding creative ways to make the old feel new again. Mixed and matched patterns, like those of 14oraitaliana's Folk and Ceramica Sant'Agostino's Vita collections, evoke the imagery and vibrant colours of Italy's most famous and beloved territories.

Fioranese's Liquida slabs resemble 1950s-style wallpaper, while the earthy tones and textured surfaces of Provenza's Terraquea collection recall traditional terracotta ware. Designed with nostalgic sentiments, each of these collections combine the aesthetic and cultural qualities of the past with the technological innovations of today.