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Black Panther film sets are influenced by Zaha Hadid, says designer

Five Oscar-nominated films with standout production design

To celebrate The 91st Academy Awards, we've chosen five of our favourite set designs from this year's nominees, from the afrofuturist cityscapes of Black Panther's Wakanda to the meticulous detail of Roma.

Best production design from Oscars 2019

Black Panther by Hannah Beachler 

Production designer Hannah Beachler looked to the architecture of Zaha Hadid, Buckingham Palace and afrofuturism when creating the fictional world of Wakanda for the hit Marvel film Black Panther.

Specific points of reference include the DDP Building in Seoul and the Wangjing SOHO in Beijing combined with lush green landscapes reminiscent of African terrain.

Best production design from Oscars 2019

The Favourite by Fiona Crombie

Filmed in England's historic Hatfield House, production designer Fiona Crombie was keen to express the "frivolity and whims of the court" when creating these "grand" yet "stripped back" sets for period drama The Favourite.

The Australian designer, who has already won a BAFTA for her work on the film, played with scale to build each character's role in the film with a giant bed complete with four mattresses for Queen Anne.

Best production design from Oscars 2019

Roma by Eugenio Caballero

Set in 1970s Mexico City, production designer Eugenio Caballero used both his and director Alfonso Cuarón's memories of growing up in the Mexican capital when making the immensely detailed sets for black and white drama Roma.

While much of the furniture came from Cuarón's family, Caballero built facades over street buildings to recreate the period, which he based on old photographs.

Best production design from Oscars 2019

First Man by Nathan Crowley 

Production designer Nathan Crowley was tasked with faking a moon landing in Damian Chazelle's First Man, a biopic that follows Neil Armstrong's quest to walk on the moon.

Crowley worked closely with NASA to accurately depict the space station equipment, space suits and merchandise used in the film, which spans more than a decade in Armstrong's life.

Best production design from Oscars 2019

Isle of Dogs by Paul Harrod 

Production designer Paul Harrod took cues from the work of Japanese architect Kenzo Tange when constructing the "hellish and beautiful" architecture of Wes Anderson's stop-motion animation Isle of Dogs.

Each component of the film's staggering 240 sets and 44 stages was constructed in minute detail, ranging from "toxic clouds" made from cotton wool to tiny perspex puddles.