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This week, the industry paid tribute to Karl Lagerfeld and Alessandro Mendini

This week on Dezeen, the legacies of prolific fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and Italian designer Alessandro Mendini were celebrated after the two iconic figures passed away.

Fellow fashion designers including Donatella Versace and Anna Wintour paid their tributes to Lagerfeld, honouring the "creative genius" and "incredible talent" of the designer best known as artistic director of Chanel.

To mark his passing, Dezeen looked back on 12 of his most impressive runway shows, which included transforming Paris' Grand Palais into an enchanted forest, and constructing a recreation of the Eiffel Tower.

Alessandro Mendini
Italian designer and theorist Alessandro Mendini dies

The design industry also had to say goodbye to Italian architect, designer and theorist Mendini.

As well as serving as editor of Italian design magazines Casabella, Modo and Domus, Mendini designed numerous influential designs including Proust armchair, Groninger Museum and the Anna G corkscrew.

Pierpaolo Piccioli designs puffer evening dresses for Moncler

The fashion world slipped up again this week, as Burberry released an apology for the "insensitive" design of its hoodie with a cord that looked like a noose, which was worn by a model during London Fashion Week.

Also at London Fashion Week there were protests with Vivienne Westwood creating a collection with slogans berating politicians, and action group Extinction Rebellion demonstrating to highlight the environmental impact of the fashion.

At Milan Fashion Week, Moncler unveiled a collection of padded full-length evening dresses by Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, as a reinterpretation of the outdoor clothing company's down jackets.

IKEA's Gunrid curtain can purify air

IKEA announced its plans to launch a curtain that can purify air, which is coated with a photocatalyst mineral that causes air pollution to break down when light shines through it.

The Swedish home furnishing giant also revealed that it will begin renting its furniture, as part of a move towards a circular economy.

Samsung launches foldable smartphone

Over in the field of tech, Samsung hit the headlines this week when it released a foldable device, the Galaxy Fold, which unfolds "like a book" from a smartphone into a tablet.

Layer developed a smart textile for use in Airbus' economy class seating, which is digitally knitted with sensors that detect both the passenger's body and the conditions of their chair to allow the user to control the conditions using their phone.

TWA Hotel inside Eero Saarinen's JFK Airport terminal open for reservations

In the US, reservations have opened for guests wishing to stay inside the former TWA Terminal of New York's John F Kennedy airport, which has undergone a major overhaul after being shut for 16 years.

Dutch architecture firm OMA designed an escalator for the Saks Fifth Avenue department store in Manhattan, which has glass panels that change colour when viewed from different angles.

Gus Wüstemann creates affordable apartment block almost entirely from concrete

Popular projects this week include Gus Wüstemann's affordable apartment block made almost entirely from concrete, Melike Altınışık Architects' plans for a Robot Science Museum in Seoul that will be built using robots and drones, and the return of California's Desert X installations.