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Watch our talk with Coalesse on creating office spaces where people want to work

Dezeen spoke to a panel of experts about designing office spaces where people want to work and not where they have to, in this talk filmed by Dezeen for Coalesse at Steelcase's London showroom.

Dezeen's editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs spoke to office furniture manufacturer Coalesse's head of design John Hamilton, neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis and workplace innovation consultant Kursty Groves about creating informal office spaces that work well for their users.

Watch our talk on office space design with Coalesse
Dezeen spoke to office furniture brand Coalesse about the trend towards informal workspaces during a panel discussion at Steelcase's London showroom

The talk explored the design challenges posed by the trend towards informal office spaces, as well as investigating the creative workspaces of the future and whether design can empower workers.

The panel discussed how the evolution of technology has allowed people to work away from the office in spaces like cafes, and the role of designers in creating office spaces that offer the same types of comfort.

Panellists spoke about how career aspirations of newer generations are shifting and office spaces are  to changing match.

The panel also debated the steps companies can take to improve their offices and whether VR will replace physical office spaces in the future.

Lewis is a neuroscientist with an interest in the science behind creativity and how space can promote and inspire work, while Groves is a consultant in workplace innovation and the author of I Wish I Worked There!, a guide to incorporating well-designed spaces into the culture of a company.

Hamilton is the head of design at Coalesse, the design-led sister brand of office furniture manufacturer Steelcase. Coalesse aims to address the ever-changing nature of work and challenge typical requirements of the workplace with its products.

Dezeen regularly hosts vibrant panel discussions involving some of the brightest minds in architecture and design. Previously we hosted a talk at the Design Museum that highlighted the differences between Bauhaus and Danish design and a lecture by Neri&Hu at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2019.