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Careers guide: Constantina Tsoutsikou explains her journey into hospitality design with HBA

Constantina Tsoutsikou joined hospitality design firm HBA 14 years ago, having previously worked in Esteé Lauder's design department. For the Dezeen Jobs careers guide, she explains how she worked her way up to the role of creative director. 

Tsoutsikou's role at HBA involves overseeing all aspects of the studio, from leading a project's creative direction to managing client relationships.

"I really enjoy rolling up my sleeves with the team and being on-site," she explained. "I love doing things like scouring craft markets for artefacts and translating local design motifs into custom-designed pieces."

After completing her interior-design studies in Athens, Tsoutsikou moved to London to complete her masters at UAL. "While my studies in Greece provided solid technical training, in London I was focused on deepening my skills of critical thinking and approach," she said.

A spell with beauty brand Esteé Lauder gave her a taste of luxury lifestyle design, which served her well for designing hotels, restaurants and spas at HBA.

She said longevity was a key focus of her work: "Everything we do, every decision we take, every material we specify has an environmental footprint."

"As designers, we can make a choice whether to be at the helm and lead the way into a more responsible world or sleepwalk into a compromised future with fewer natural resources."

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