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Nike channels 1980s nostalgia into Stranger Things sportswear collection

Nike has looked back into it archives from the 1980s to create a collection of clothing and sneakers based on Netflix series Stranger Things.

Featuring tracksuits, tees, sportswear and sneakers, the two-part range offers a fresh twist on retro Nike designs including the Cortez, Blazer and Tailwind shoes.

The first part of the collection, launching on 27 June, takes its name from the Hawkins High school featured in the sci-fi series, which is set in a small Midwestern town called Hawkins, located in Roane County, Indiana.

The Hawkins High Pack sees the school's green and orange colour scheme and its tiger mascot used in designs that channel the style of a retro sports kit.

The second part of the Nike collection hints at things to come in the imminent third season of Stranger Things, which will return to screens on 4 July 2019.

Labelled the OG Pack, each product in this part of the range features a colour palette of red, white and blue in celebration of US Independence Day – a focus of the show's new episodes, which are set in the summer of 1985.

In keeping with this theme, the shoes also include a year marker on the heel and special firework display sock liner.

As with the past two seasons, 1980s nostalgia is a main theme in the upcoming Stranger Things episodes. This can be seen in the character's wardrobe, which often features classic Nike footwear and brand marks, making Nike a natural pairing for the series.

Each pair of trainers in the new line reference a notable Nike design from the same era, including the Nike Air Force 1 shoes from 1982, the Nike Dunk basketball trainers from 1985 and the Nike Air Max 1 sneakers from 1987.

"This season of Stranger Things finds small-town Hawkins, Indiana, in the midst of change (no surprise)," said Nike. "The show's core protagonist group is on the cusp of high school, grappling with themes of love and friendship, and tackling a looming danger."

"The sporting world in 1985 was also undergoing a radical change – energy was reverberating from the summer games in Los Angeles and pro basketball was swinging firmly into its showtime era.

"At Nike, 1985 was the year visible Air began to take shape (realised two years later in the Air Max I) and when the iconic Dunk emerged on collegiate basketball courts," the brand added.

"Meanwhile, the Cortez, Blazer and Tailwind remained sport and style staples, granting a timely authenticity to the Stranger Things collection."

Back in September 2017, just before the second season of Stranger Things came out, Netflix released a range of posters that referenced supernatural movies from the 1980s.

The six posters took visual cues from different sci-fi films that influenced the show's retro aesthetic, including Alien, The Evil Dead, The Running Man, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Firestarter and Stand By Me.

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