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Shift Automotive conference returns Berlin to explore the future of mobility

Shift Automotive conference returns to Berlin to explore the future of mobility

Dezeen promotion: the biannual Shift Automotive exhibition and convention will be returning to Berlin in September 2019 to explore how technology will affect the future of transport.

The two-day convention will bring together leading designers, engineers and brands from the transport industry in a bid to explore how new automotive technologies will change the way we "think, live and drive".

Organised every six months by the Geneva International Motor Show, IFA, Messe Berlin and Palexpo, the conference will take place at the Berlin Messe exhibition grounds from 10 to 11 September 2019.

Shift Automotive conference returns Berlin to explore the future of mobility

A host of well-known speakers from companies including Fujitsu, Seymour Powell and Hitachi will share their thoughts on the potential future of mobility in a series of talks, panels and discussions.

Other speakers include Smart (Daimler), Italdesign, Easymile, Fraunhofer Institute, the Singularity University, Celeris Technology, Ioki and 2getthere.

The conference will explore evolving technologies in the field of automation and will delve into what the experience of driving may be like in 2030.

"Shift Automotive is not a car show. It's not a trade show. It's not a boast fest about the latest and greatest technologies. Instead, it's an event that’s all about the human experience of technology, and how co-innovation will transform it," said a spokesperson for the event.

Shift Automotive conference returns Berlin to explore the future of mobility

The event will also address the trust issues that come with the "mobility revolution", such as skepticisms around electric vehicles (EVs) and self-driving technology cars, and will identify the ways in which consumers' confidence can be restored.

"Depending on the survey, around 80 per cent of respondents or more claim that they would never set foot in an autonomous vehicle," explained the organisers. "Many car buyers continue to have range anxiety when they consider EVs."

"Shift Automotive will explore how new automotive technologies can find acceptance among both drivers and passengers – through talks, but also through workshops looking at EVs, hydrogen-powered vehicles, autonomous cars and how pedestrians will fit into the new automotive landscape," they added.

Shift Automotive conference returns Berlin to explore the future of mobility

A curated exhibition will also be on show alongside the convention, where brands are given the opportunity to show both themselves and their creations in a new format.

For industry experts, established companies and startups, the event is an opportunity to meet like-minded people from across the globe with diverse backgrounds in engineering, design or policy.

Last held as part of the annual Geneva Motor Show in March earlier this year, the Shift Automotive conference is taking place as part of IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, one of the biggest trade shows in the tech calendar, which is being held from 6 to 11 September 2019.

More information about the event or ticket purchases can be found on the IFA website.