Autex's Clerkenwell showroom promotion

Autex opens rooftop interior acoustics showroom in London

Dezeen promotions: Autex has transformed a roof terrace in London into a showroom displaying its latest acoustic panels and products.

Designed in collaboration with TP Bennett director, Michelle Wilkie and senior interior designer Ben Boxshall, Autex's Clerkenwell showroom is intended to function like a gallery, where products can be exchanged on a regular basis. It is divided into four zones and can cater for both one-on-one conversations and larger group events.

Dispersed throughout the spaces are the manufacturer's latest interior wall and ceiling acoustics products, which showcase ways designers can use them to reduce noise in the workplace.

Autex's Clerkenwell showroom promotion
Autex's new London showroom functions like a gallery

"The new showroom provides architects, designers and clients with the latest collection of interior acoustics solutions to reduce noise from London's bustling workspaces," explained Wilkie.

"A gallery-style concept was developed to display the company's growing range of interior wall and ceiling acoustics products."

Autex's Clerkenwell showroom promotion
Products on display include Cube, Frontier, and the Cascade hanging panels

Products in the showroom include Cube, Frontier, and Cascade, which are all made from 100 per cent recyclable polyester. These products were selected for their sound absorbing properties and also their environmental qualities.

"A strong emphasis was placed on utilising highly sustainable materials that also contribute to a pleasant and comfortable working atmosphere for occupants," added Wilkie.

Autex's Clerkenwell showroom promotion
The Cube range of wall coverings and panels is one of the products on display

Autex's Cube range of decorative, lightweight and functional acoustic wall coverings are displayed throughout the showroom to provide designers with a "true feel" for their design, scale and texture in an office setting.

They are currently available in 17 colours, with more set to be launched in the near future.

Autex's Clerkenwell showroom promotion
Autex's modular acoustic ceiling system, called Frontier, is available in five styles

Meanwhile, Cascade is its range of hanging screens, which are suspended from sliders throughout the space to create different zones.

While reducing noise, they are also designed to increase privacy in open-plan environments. Cascade screens are available in an array of different patterns.

Autex's Clerkenwell showroom promotion
Material samples are available for a wide variety of the products

Another product on display is Frontier, Autex's selection of modular acoustic systems, which can be arranged in a variety of different configurations.

It is designed for more targeted sound absorption, and is available in five styles and 17 different colours.

Established in 1967, Autex is a manufacturing and product development company specialising in textiles and advanced fibre technology.

Its London showroom is located at 61 to 67 Old Street. To find out more visit the Autex Acoustics website.