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Patrik Schumacher interview

"Schumacher is so spot on"

In this week's comments update, readers are debating Patrik Schumacher's suggestion that architecture teachers use students to advance their own agendas rather than teach skills for the real world.

Agenda setting: readers are divided over Patrik Schumacher's claims that architecture schools are disconnected from the real world.

"For the first time ever I agree with Schumacher," said Yethica. "Add in the fact that architecture schools charge an arm and a leg for this stuff, unethically, since architects typically don't make a ton of money coming out of school and just end up being in debt forever."

"One hundred per cent agree with him," continued Marmite. "Ever since the academics took over art schools and got rid of professional practitioners this has been getting worse. Academics are totally out of touch and use the students as guinea pigs in their own research projects."

"Schumacher's response to academics using students to advance their own agenda – advance his own instead," replied Rust Belt Brett. "Though I largely agree with what he's saying, teaching everyone parametricism as the hegemony is just exchanging one academic circle jerk for another."

"I agreed broadly up to parametric design. Projects need to have a grounding in reality," added Stuart Taylor.

This commenter also felt Schumacher's claims were hypocritical:

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Kanye West's prefabricated affordable Yeezy Home units take inspiration from the Star Wars films and might be used as underground homeless housing.

Go West: commenters are criticising Kanye West after he revealed prototypes for prefabricated affordable Yeezy Home units, which would be built underground and take inspiration from the Star Wars films.

"Why doesn't Mr Kanye, himself, live in an underground house? Or maybe I'm wrong, and one of his 100 villas is underground?" asked Malgorzata Boguslaw.

Mark Power agreed: "When Kanye lives in one of these depressing mud caves, I'll support it. Until then, homeless, flee for the hills, fresh breezes and sunlight."

"It is admirable that he wants to provide shelter but the home isn't the problem. Why you need the home is the problem," added Rob.

Le Ego was more sympathetic: "Nobody should ever be ridiculed for trying to do something positive for the less fortunate. Kanye talking about the issue brings massive publicity, and keeps it in the minds and conscience of citizens and members of government."

One commenter had other plans for the Yeezy Home units:

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The Tulip by Foster + Partners

Pole-axed: news that London's mayor Sadiq Khan has rejected plans for The Tulip has sparked debate among readers. Khan stated that the Foster + Partners designed building would provide "very limited pubic benefit".

"Thank you Sadiq, you've saved us from this heinous vanity pole!" said Arch Boi92. "You have my vote at 2020 London mayoral election."

BT76 was also pleased: "Good, it was nothing but a money sink of a vanity project with no public benefit."

"In my opinion the mayor can reject permission to a building (if contrary to a city's masterplan) for 'limited public benefit', but not because he thinks it's a 'poor design'," replied Phi Ney. "This is an undemocratic authoritarian position."

Chris was equally annoyed: "Time to reject Sadiq Khan at the next election. A man who for some reason hates design."

One reader was feeling comical:

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Self-love: readers are baffled as to why Elena Tamburini has designed a collection of objects that encourage affection in individuals and elderly couples, including a mirror, brush, table and a walker.

"How incredibly insulting!" said Alan Smith. "An ugly coffee table 'encourages holding hands!' A mirror that makes you look like a lunatic? This is the very essence of ridiculous."

Egad felt similarly: "You lost me with the feathered mirror. What a joke."

"Care-home workers usually spend time trying to keep the elderly off one another," added James Beckett.

"I don't succeed in taking this seriously!" concluded Fokko van der Veen.

At least one commenter was on board:

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