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Jeong Greem brings doodles to life in Mono furniture series

Three-dimensional doodle-like lines form this series of furniture by Korean designer Jeong Greem, which aims to breathe life into mundane, everyday materials.

The Mono furniture collection sees simple, single-line drawings translated into a series of rope-like benches, chairs, tables and lamps.

Each piece has been made from silicone foam tubes – a material typically used in construction to protect wires and drain pipes – that have been bent into twisting, rhythmic lines that Greem likens to animal tails.

The Seoul-based designer wanted to use bold colours and unusual forms to animate seemingly boring and commonplace materials such as this.

Greem also found the properties of the tube material interesting, as it is smooth to touch and flexible to work with, yet it is very durable, waterproof and not affected by any external shocks.

Greem started designing the furniture by eliminating the fundamental components of each piece, such as the seat, back and legs of a chair or bench.

"Since it was more like a 'sitting object' rather than a generic chair, question marks were naturally drawn into peoples minds," she explained. "As intended, many viewers asked whether it was furniture or installation."

"Different lines and shapes display an illusion of a drawing that fills in empty space," Greem continued.

"Since the Mono series differs from currently existing furnitures, it stimulates users' curiosity and a sense of escape from what people are used to," she added.

As the furniture is formed from different configurations of a single line, there is the potential for endless variations in design, as well as scale of the pieces.

Greem is also experimenting with covering the tubes in different materials, including fur, velvet and steel.

In a similar form, New York design studio Jumbo created a series of deep purple furniture pieces from curved tubes of steel, while Japanese designer Kodai Iwamoto also made use of plastic pipes to make vases.</span

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