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Satirical Trumpcare IUD comes with hand extensions for extra protection

Donald Trump's head and hands adorn this IUD, which was created as a commentary on the US president's regulations of women's access to birth control services.

Trumpcare IUD is a riff on a standard intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD), which is placed inside the uterus as a means of birth control.

Created to highlight the tightening of access to affordable birth control in the US, the satirical version is marketed at around $200,000 (£162,307) but only available to those with health insurance, as detailed on the website.

The Trumpcare IUD is designed to resemble a standard copper IUD, which features a metallic coil that provides a toxic reaction to sperm and eggs to prevent implantation.

Trumpcare IUD

The neck of Trump's collar separates coils from his head atop the IUD device, which is detailed with his combover hairstyle and pursed lips. Two small hand extensions are added to offer extra stability and "improve device safety in the uterus".

The hands have pointed thumbs, index and middle fingers. The ring and pinky fingers are folded inwards. It is patented as a GEBPT, which stands for "Grab 'em by the pussy" – the famed phrase that the president was recorded saying prior to his 2016 presidential campaign.

Trumpcare IUD comprises a soft, flexible plastic designed to be fitted inside the uterus for birth control.

It is accompanied by a web link that promotes the benefits of typical copper IUDs such as being hormone-free, with the added benefit of Trump's control and power.

Like other IUDs, the device is designed to provide pregnancy prevention without needing to take a birth control pill every day. It is effective for up to 10 years and can also be removed at any time.  Trumpcare IUD also claims that once the device is inserted, the user should not be able to feel it, even during sexual intercourse.

Other expectations for using the device, including scheduling a placement appointment, as well as the first few days and months of usage, are also listed online.

In addition, the team behind Trumpcare IUD has imagined an option to purchase the IUD through a self-pay programme, Trumpcare IUD Patient Direct. Costs start at $100,000 (£81,165) for those who aren't insured and require a prescription from a healthcare provider.

The device's design and accompanying satirical website are intended as a play on the usage of IUDs in the US, as well as the costs of health insurance.

Trumpcare IUD

Birth control and its accessibility is a hot topic in the US. A standard IUD in the US costs anywhere from a few dollars to about $1,000 (£811), depending on the healthcare provider or if the patient attends an affordable clinic like Planned Parenthood.

Recent changes in state laws, however, have become more stringent in whether employers should cover birth control as part of an insurance plan.

Several states have signed laws this year that limit the access of abortions as a legal healthcare service. Abortion has been banned in Alabama completely, while Missouri does not offer a single centre to provide the procedure.

As part of its commentary, Trumpcare IUD will temporarily install 500 of the devices at SSHH in New York's East Village neighbourhood, running from Friday 13 September to Sunday 15 September.

The project is among a number of satirical designs created in response to the controversial US president. Others include sandals adorned with his contradictory tweets and a wristwatch with his combover spinning as clock hands.