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Buffy naturally dyed sheets

Buffy launches plant-based bedding coloured with natural dyes

New York bedding company Buffy has used natural dye made from a mix of plants, spices and fruits to colour its eucalyptus fabric sheets.

The collection includes a duvet cover, fitted sheet, top sheet and pillowcases, available in two tones of grey made from a mix of pomegranate, eucalyptus, and tea. Another colour option is a blush tone created from turmeric, gardenia and walnut.

Buffy naturally dyed sheets

Buffy worked with natural dye experts Maria Elena Pombo, founder of Fragmentario, and Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors to create the different dyes for its plant-based sheets, which are made from eucalyptus fibres.

The brand sought to find a way to dye the fabrics that would be more sustainable and environmentally friendly than typical methods. These use a large amount of energy, water and chemicals, and release toxic run-off water into the environment.

Instead the Buffy bedding is coloured with ultrasonic dyeing, which uses sound waves to penetrate textile fibres, thus colouring the material. The brand says the process, which was created in 1941, is also safer for staff.

Buffy naturally dyed sheets

"This is more energy-efficient and yields a product that is potent in colour, durable, and free of artificial binders or chemicals," Buffy said. "Standard dyeing methods are some of the largest contributors to pollution in
 textile manufacturing."

Buffy claims it is "the first time any company, whether in home or fashion, has been able to create a naturally-dyed textile, free of any chemical colour or synthetic ingredients, on a large scale".

The brand is set to launch blue hues formed from indigo, safflower and rose later this year.

Buffy naturally dyed sheets

Buffy is the brainchild of Leo Wang, whose family has been producing textiles in China for decades.

The natural dyes follow the environmentally friendly and sustainable efforts of the brand, which launched in 2017 with the Cloud comforter made recycled plastic bottles and eucalyptus fibre.

Earlier this year, Buffy updated its collection with the release of its first fully plant-based product, the Breeze comforter. Like the sheets, it is made entirely from eucalyptus pulp, which is spun and bound into yarn to make the exterior and thread for the comforter, while the fill is made from loose eucalyptus fibres.

"As the latest product to join Buffy's lineup, our naturally-dyed Eucalyptus Sheets reaffirm our campaign to encourage more thoughtful and democratic innovation," said Buffy founder Leo Wang.

"We strive to support a new generation of consumers that consciously choose to surround themselves with safe, earth-friendly materials."

Buffy naturally dyed sheets

The brand claims the naturally-dyed eucalyptus sheets, as well as the comforter, are breathable and are more effective at wicking moisture than polyester or cotton. It adds that the sheets will maintain their colour through machine washing and contact with direct sunlight. They can also be tumble dried.

Belgian fashion designer Mandali Mendrilla is also trying to promote natural dyes as shown in her collection at Helsinki Fashion Week this year, and her show featured similarly-minded sustainable designs.

Other designs that use natural dye are a sleeping bag by Buro Belén, Kelly Gijsen's cotton scarves and a tie-dye kimono by Nienke Hoogvliet.

Photography is courtesy of Buffy.

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Buffy naturally dyed sheets
Buffy naturally dyed sheets
Buffy naturally dyed sheets