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Lixil's Ecorarat tile collection

Lixil expands "breathable" Ecocarat tile collection for 20th anniversary

Dezeen promotion: Japanese material and product manufacturer Lixil has announced the evolution of its Ecocarat tiles by Inax to celebrate the collection's 20th anniversary.

Named Ecocarat Plus, the expanded collection includes eight more "breathable wall tiles" than the original series that first launched in 1999.

Designed to offer more than "a mere background role", the wall tiles are designed by Lixil to help maintain comfortable humidity levels, and reduce unpleasant odours and harmful substances in the air.

Lixil's Ecocarat tile collection
Japanese material and product manufacturer Lixil has expanded its "breathable" Ecocarat tile collection

Ecocarat is one of numerous products created by Lixil, which is made up of global brands including Inax, Grohe, American Standard, Tostem and Kawashima Selkon.

The diverse range of brands create products that can cater to all developments, from the most luxurious to the extremely functional. They are all united by the aim of "making a better home a reality for everyone", something that is demonstrated by the Ecocarat tile.

"Since they were first launched 20 years ago, the Ecocarat series has proven popular with customers for its high-quality designs and ability to create pleasant indoor air environments," explained Lixil.

"With an ultra-fine structure on its surface, Ecocarat enables smaller moisture particles to pass through but prevents larger water and dirt particles from entering."

Lixil's Ecocarat tile collection
It is named Ecocarat Plus and marks the collection's 20th anniversary

The expanded collection introduces several new tiles with "realistic textures" that resemble stone and wood, including the Neo Travertine tile.

Neo Travertine is available in three different colours, and has a texture that evokes natural stone to help customers bring a "more natural atmosphere" to Japanese-inspired interiors, particularly entrance halls and living rooms.

Lixil's Ecorarat tile collection
They are designed to offer more than a "background role" and help maintain comfortable humidity levels

Coinciding with the expanded collection, Lixil has also launched its A Dream Treasure campaign in collaboration with interior design company Actus, which will run until September 30th 2019.

The campaign offers customers in Japan the chance to win a "dream living room" designed by Actus that is complete with Ecocarat tiles.

Lixil's Ecorarat tile collection
Some of the new tiles evoke natural materials like stone and wood

Lixil is a Japanese material manufacturer best known for its "pioneering water and housing products" that are meaningfully designed.

Informed by traditional Japanese mud-wall construction, its Ecocarat collection is designed to offer an innovative alternative wall-finish than wallpaper and paint.

Lixil's Ecocarat tile collection
As part of the anniversary celebrations customers can also win a new living room designed by Lixil with Actus

"Design is one of the key drivers of our strategy at Lixil. It enables us to create truly differentiated products – to make things that really matter to people and the world around us," said the company.

Visit Lixil's website to see more of the collection, and visit the A Dream Treasure campaign website to find out more about the competition.