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Kathrine Barbro Bendixen uses cow intestines for lighting

"As a vegan, this saddens and repulses me"

In this week's comments update, some readers are upset to learn that discarded cow intestines are being used by designer Kathrine Barbro Bendixen for her lighting installations.

Gut wrenching: Danish designer Kathrine Barbro Bendixen has caused controversy by using discarded cow intestines to create intricate lighting installations.

"As a vegan, this saddens and repulses me," said Nick. "It reminds me of when the Nazis would pick out tattoos on prisoners to have made into lampshades."

"How about using human intestines, instead?" asked Robert Riddle. "Exploitation of other sentient beings by humans: a long and gory history. But here we are in the 21st century. So, bovine entrails – a celebration! Utterly, utterly repulsive."

"A significant development in the field of moo-d lighting," said ONRI911 in disagreement.

Goaçalo Marrote seemed a little baffled: "In Portugal we make tripas not lamps."

This reader was less offended:

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Volkswagen rebrands

Digital era: commenters are divided over Volkswagen's new logo – a flat "digital-first" version designed to mark the "start of a new era", kickstarted with a line of fully electric cars.

"It's a vast improvement. I like it enormously," praised JB.

"Well I can't say I like the new logo," replied Nota Bene. "But they have at least rebranded for all the right reasons. A new direction for a company tainted by the Dieselgate scandal."

Michael was confused: "Why did it take so many people so long to look back to 1967 and their (now identical) logo from that time?"

"19 internal teams and 17 external agencies. And it took them only a record time of nine months to redesign an existing logo. Great work," added Eddie Fumar sarcastically.

This reader wasn't keen on the new visual identity:

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Ghost House by BPN Architects

Haunted housereaders have given Ghost House by BPN Architects mixed reviews. The property is only partially visible from the road due to being embedded into the ground and is named "on account of its ethereal presence".

"It's fantastic," gushed Kevin McGrath. "Love the dramatic entrance procession route, timeless, just needs the eventual people 'stuff' that will inevitably make it a home."

Jon was also a fan: "I like it. I expect this will become quite popular with Black Mirror or even Blade Runner-esque films taking place in the future as the evil CEO's estate or something."

Carlos Ferreira wasn't so convinced: "It's beautiful but it's not a home. It's a mausoleum."

"There are some nice touches, recessed lighting in the concrete ceilings, some very nice furniture," responded Heywood Floyd. "But, overall dystopian and soulless."

For this commenter it was a definite no:

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Blenheim Palace

Cracking jokes: readers can't help but laugh after a solid gold toilet by Maurizio Cattelan was stolen from an exhibition at Blenheim Palace. The artwork is said to be worth between $5 million and $6 million.

"You have to be s**ting me," said Bobby Dazzler.

"I'm sure it's worth a crap load of money," added Vandra.

Jjang Sam agreed: "Whoever the robber was, they’ll be totally flush with cash after this."

"Come on everyone, let's not get bogged down in puns about this cheeky crime – or urine trouble!" added KP McGrath.

This commenter wondered why they didn't finish the job:

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