Top five accessories in the Samsung Mobile Design Competition

Top five accessory designs revealed in Samsung and Dezeen's mobile design competition

Dezeen promotion: a stress-busting phone case, a huggable toy and a storage solution for wireless earbuds are among the finalists in the Samsung Mobile Design Competition accessories category, revealed today.

Five designs have been selected as finalists in the competition's Next Mobile + category, which sought ideas for new accessories that could enhance Samsung Galaxy devices.

"The contest attracted a lot of young millennial designers and creators from a wide range of backgrounds," said Samsung.

Each of the finalists will now have the opportunity to present their ideas in London on 25 September before a jury including designers Stefan Scholten and Paul Austin, executives from Samsung's IT and Mobile Communications division, and Dezeen editor-at-large Amy Frearson.

The top three winners chosen by the jury will be invited to travel to the Samsung Developer Conference from 29 to 30 October in San Jose, USA, for the prize-giving ceremony, where mock-ups of all of the finalists' works will be on display.

A second section of the competition, the Next Mobile Wallpaper Paradigm category, focused on graphic design in the form of innovative wallpapers for devices with screens. The top five in that category will be announced on Dezeen later today.

The Samsung Mobile Design Competition is a global contest, which will award prize money totalling $40,000. Each of the finalists will receive prizes of $1,000, with $10,000 going to the winner, $5,000 to the runner-up and $3,000 to third place.

The finalists in the Next Mobile + category come from the UK, Portugal, Germany and Turkey. Read about them below:

BELT by Alexander Rehn for the Samsung Mobile Design Competition

Belt of Galaxy by Alexander Rehn and Tobias Saller

Alexander Rehn's Belt targets both the oldest and youngest technology users, who might not have the muscle endurance or strength to maintain a constant hold of their devices. The loop, which prevents the smart device from falling, is an integral part of the protector and can be easily locked into various positions with a clip.

Calm Case by Emilios Farrington-Arnas for the Samsung Mobile Design Competition 2019

Calm Case of Galaxy by Emilios Farrington-Arnas

Emilios Farrington-Arnas uses a galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor to power the special features of the Calm Case of Galaxy. The accessory passively detects its user's stress levels as they touch it throughout the day, and responds with breathing exercises or wallpaper changes when they need calming.

Duo by Joe Wyn Jones for the Samsung Mobile Design Competition 2019

Duo of Galaxy by Joe Wyn Jones

Duo is a convenient and compact pair of wireless earphones that slot into the bottom of a smartphone case for easy charging and portability. The earbuds themselves compress 2.5mm to allow for an ergonomic fit when in use as well as a more uniform fit when docked.

Fellas of Galaxy by Ece Demirpence and Cagatay Demirpence

Fellas of Galaxy by Ece Demirpence and Cagatay Demirpence

Ece Demirpence and Cagatay Demirpence imagine a second life for smartwatches while they are charging — one where they double as an interactive toy for the user's child. The Fellas of Galaxy dock protects the watch from prying fingers while allowing its face to form the expressive mouth on a character that tells stories, sings songs and more, via Samsung's virtual assistant Bixby.

Star by Andre Gouveia for the Samsung Design Competition 2019

Star of Galaxy by André Gouveia, Nuno Pires and João Pereira

André Gouveia, Nuno Pires and João Pereira's product is a robotic stand that turns any Samsung Galaxy device into a collaborative countertop smart assistant that brings Samsung's virtual assistant Bixby to the fore. With its articulated structure, the stand enables the connected device to follow the user around a space — whether they're video conferencing, cooking or recording their movements.