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"Shame on them for turning a tragedy into an ego trip"

In this week's comments update, readers are frustrated with design proposals for a memorial to honour victims of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting.

Indecent proposal: readers are disappointed after six architecture studios revealed their competing proposals for a museum and memorial dedicated to the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

"Most of these are shameless exercises in the architects' self-congratulation," said Rthko. "Shame on them for turning a tragedy into an ego trip."

Miles Teg agreed: "Where to even start? Should I ignore repulsiveness of MVRDV's proposal? Or should I try not to think about how all this money and effort could be used for something actually useful like gun regulation, a fund for victims etc? Or should I just wait for the winner to be constructed, look at it, feel sad for a minute and move on like I should? Because that is all these buildings can do."

"Where is the humanity in any of these designs?" asked Josh. "When did memorials become not about those who lost their lives, but rather about the architects who designed the memorial? The simplicity, beauty, and power of memorials such as the Vietnam Memorial, Pearl Harbour Memorial and 9/11 memorials, are all lost here and instead replaced with monuments to the architect."

West Coast Arch continued: "If no one told you they were memorials to commemorate a tragedy, would you be able to guess?"

This commenter had an alternative suggestion:

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XXX HY Sex Toys by Wolfgang and Hite

Good vibrations: Wolfgang & Hite has created a series of dildos inspired by buildings in the Hudson Yards development as a critique of New York's high-end real estate projects, much to reader amusement.

"This is a brilliant project on the fetishization of Hudson Yards. Love it so hard," exclaimed Rajiv Fernandez.

Martin Lentz-Nielsen replied: "This is especially hilarious considering Diller means willy in Danish!"

Rthko had some reservations: "Quirky as an art piece, though I can’t imagine they’d be comfortable if used in context."

As did PL: "If you are into getting screwed by capitalism..."

One commenter wasn't keen on the chosen buildings:

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RS Apartment by Studio Arthur Casas

Size matters: commenters are criticising this five-bedroom holiday apartment in Brazil designed by Studio Arthur Casas, due to its enviable location above Rio de Janeiro's Ipanema beach and the size of one of the bedrooms.

"You couldn't demonstrate the wealth gap in Brazil any better!" said Your Your Hair Hope You Win.

"I wonder if it has a good view of the favelas where thousands of people live in poverty," asked Gerhard Dehls.

"That maid's room is insulting," added Leo.

Bethwyn Victoria Mell agreed: "The laundry is bigger than the maid's room and has a better view! It's disgusting."

One reader was amused by the comments:

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Nendo's 3D-printed Bonsai tree does away with meticulous plant maintenance

Growing painsreaders are baffled after Japanese design studio Nendo released its 3D-printed version of a bonsai tree, that owners can easily prune to their liking.

"That certainly misses the whole point of bonsai," said Doug Lough.

Ashley Kirk agreed: "How to solve a problem that does not exist by creating a new problem."

"Nothing screams sustainability like a plastic tree!" joked A.Gil. "If you're developing more floating trash for the oceans, at least you should sugar-coat it with some recycling bull."

James Beckett was equally annoyed: "Such a shame that this is what it has come to – plastic trees because learning to look after an actual tree is far too much hard work."

At least one reader was hopeful:

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