Autex launches Frontier Acoustic Raft sound-absorbing system for ceilings and walls

Dezeen promotion: Autex has released an adjustable system of acoustic beams that can be applied to both ceilings and walls to absorb sound.

Acoustic Raft is the latest addition to Autex's Frontier system and can be "tuned" to suit its environment due to its adaptable structure.

Acoustic Raft is scored, folded and 'zipped' together using a locking channel. The beams are combined with Autex Mounting Clips and Autex Frontier Extrusions to create a system that can be arranged into a variety of configurations without loss of acoustic performance.

The system comes in seventeen colours, allowing designers to mix and match to create unique interior acoustic features.

Each of the beams is made from high-performing, highly compressed polyester material so they are solid and lightweight and won't bend or warp after installation.

As the system is assembled using aluminium channels and clips, it can be installed quickly and disassembled easily and removed if the use of the space changes.

Acoustic Raft is suitable for both walls and ceilings. It can be mounted on walls to enhance the acoustic and decorative elements of the room, or be suspended from ceilings using extensions rods to create a statement feature.

The customisable system can become an integral part of almost any interior, as designers can create unique patterns by aligning the modules closer or farther apart or by utilising multiple coloured versions.

Autex Acoustic Fins can also be used with the Frontier system. The fins are available in five standard designs in 12mm and 24mm thicknesses.

The Frontier system is designed to be used within a large variety of spaces from retail to offices environments, as well as commercial interiors, hospitality venues and education facilities.

The brand recently opened a gallery-like showroom in London's Clerkenwell Design District to display their products.

Examples of how the Frontier system can be applied in specific projects and other details about the system can be found on the Autex website or at their showrooms.