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Nomos Duo watches

Nomos updates four original watches with versions for a slimmer wrist

Promotion: watchmaker Nomos Glashütte has designed slimmed-down versions of four timepieces the company launched more than 25 years ago, each with space for a personalised engraving on the back of its case.

Nomos has created slender versions of its classic Ludwig, Tangente, Orion and Tetra models, designed for more delicate wrists, which it calls "duo" because the timepieces have just two hands.

The faces of the three round watches – called Orion, Tangente and Ludwig – measure just 33 millimetres in diameter, while each side of Tetra's square watch-face measures 27 millimetres.

"These reduced versions of the Nomos classics exude elegance without a sub-seconds dial – and tick as reliably and precisely as any other Nomos watch," said the company.

Nomos Duo watches

As in the original versions of the four styles, the watch cases are made from stainless steel, with white-silver-plated dials. The hands are a contrasting golden colour to complement the stainless-steel cases.

The reverse of each watch features space for a personalised engraved message, for example if the timepiece were to be given as a Valentine's Day or birthday gift.

Nomos Duo watches

According to the company, the slimmer style of the duo watches reflects the Bauhaus school ideals of stripping designs down to their essentials.

"Nomos watches are not in the style of the Bauhaus of 1919," the company explained. "However, we think they are the way the Bauhaus designers would perhaps create and wear them now. In other words, they are the Bauhaus of 2020."

Nomos Duo watches

The watch straps are made from beige velour leather and the typography of the numbers has been softened by using mocha-brown rather than the more standard black.

The Tangente and Tetra styles feature numbers at 12, two, four, six, eight and 10 to indicate the time, while the Ludwig watch displays Roman numerals. Orion has a very clean design with no numbers at all.

Nomos Duo watches

Nomos was founded in 1990 in Glashütte, a renowned watchmaking town in Germany.

It is a member of the Deutscher Werkbund, a German association of artists, architects, designers, and industrialists established in 1907, which still exists today.

In order to be a designated Glashütte watch, at least 50 per cent of the watch components must be made in the town. At Nomos Glashütte, up to 95 per cent of each watch movement is locally produced.

The duo watches are available online and with retailers. To find out more about the collection visit the Nomos Glashütte website.

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