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Colourful homes roundup:

Seven vibrant homes that use colour to make a statement

A growing number of designers are ridding homes of nondescript magnolia walls and instead painting surfaces a rainbow of colours. We pick out seven striking examples.

Colourful apartments roundup:

Nagatachō Apartment, Japan, by Adam Nathaniel Furman

Sugary shades permeate this Tokyo apartment designed by Adam Nathaniel Furman. In the kitchen, candy-pink cabinetry juxtaposes watermelon-green vinyl on the floor, while lilac carpet in the dining room is meant to recall icing on a sponge cake. There are also "zesty" lemon-yellow fixtures in the bathrooms.

"The colour scheme became a matter of choosing ingredients for a beautifully calibrated visual feast," Furman told Dezeen.

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Colourful apartments roundup:

Waterfront Nikis Apartment, Greece, by Stamatios Giannikis

Architect Stamatios Giannikis selected three hues to organise living spaces within this Grecian apartment. Functional areas like the kitchen and bathroom are pistachio green, while deep-blue paint has been applied across street-facing rooms, channelling the colour of the nearby waves.

Spaces that have direct views of the Mediterranean Sea have been completed in a contrasting shade of coral-pink.

"The use of bold colour in the design of [the apartment] is done in an effort to complement and strengthen the power of the sea view, not to suppress it," Giannikis explained.

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Colourful apartments roundup:

Hidden Tints, Sweden, by Note Design Studio

Note Design Studio decided to shun the typically restrained Scandinavian colour palette for the overhaul of this 19th-century family home.

The main shades that have been applied across its ornately bordered walls – pink, sage-green, and pale yellow – were inspired by the colour of three original tiled ovens which were found on the property.

"The approach to colour in architecture in the old days was much braver than we see today," the studio explained, "it deserves it's place again."

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Colourful apartments roundup:

Twin Peaks Residence, Hong Kong, by Lim + Lu

Design studio Lim + Lu added colour to the formerly bland interiors of this apartment in Hong Kong to more acutely reflect the flamboyant personality of its owner, a fashion designer hailing from Paris.

To avoid the home seeming "over the top", coral-orange and sunshine-yellow furnishings are offset by soothing pale-pink walls. Some of the cabinets have also been clad in shiny gold-hued panels to add textural interest.

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Colourful apartments roundup:

Polychrome House, Australia, by Amber Road and Lymesmith

Designed to offer a "joyful" living experience, the aptly named Polychrome House is decked out with an explosion of different hues – as well as a brick-red kitchen, it also boasts pink bathrooms and a lounge area anchored by a lime-green sofa.

The focal point of the property is a bold wall mural that features multi-coloured abstract patches, intended to resemble land formations on a map.

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Colourful apartments roundup:

London house, UK, by R2 Studio

A vibrant colour palette helped R2 Studio reinvigorate the formerly cramped and light-starved rooms within this Victorian-era home in London's Kennington neighbourhood.

The ground floor is mostly green – in a nod to the foliage seen in the back garden – while the two staircases have respectively been completed in orange and vermillion red. "Cold and shiny" surfaces in the kitchen have also been traded for playful blue and yellow cabinetry.

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Colourful apartments roundup:

Mixtape Apartment, Spain, by Azab

Azab applied vivid hues throughout this Bilbao apartment after its retired owner said they felt the home had become "blurred in a greyish mood".

It now includes a baby-pink kitchen suite, cherry-red sliding doors and a colourful abstract carpet, offering a bold backdrop to the client's array of ornate wooden furnishings.

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